Love The New Galaxy S6 Theme Engine? You Can Now Have It On Your Samsung Galaxy S4, S5 Or Note 4!

Samsung has recently been killing off the whole market with its latest release of the new Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge. Apart from the breath-taking features that the Samsung Galaxy S6 holds, one major feature that Samsung decided to add was that of the Theme Engine. If you have been using CyanogenMod, or LG’s Optimus UI, then you won’t find anything strange with the whole theme engine concept. With a theme engine, you can change the whole look of your Android device. Your TouchWiz Android device can be turned into a Stock Google-like device with just a few modifications! Samsung’s new idea is going to impress the future Samsung Galaxy S6 Android users. But, if you happen to own another Samsung flagship device, like the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, then you might want the theme engine from the Galaxy S6 right now! And yes, with the vast number of Android development possibilities, porting the Samsung Galaxy S6 theme engine to another TouchWiz device wasn’t a big hassle at all.

Yes, you heard it right. If you happen to own the following TouchWiz devices, then you can have the same exact theme engine that we have seen on the S6. The following devices support this amazing Mod:

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 4
  • Samsung Galaxy S4
  • Samsung Galaxy S5

Thanks to XDA Member Albe95, this is now possible. And this is the reason why we are here this time. In this guide, we will show you all fellow Samsung users, how to enable and use the amazing theme engine from the Samsung Galaxy S6 right now! For this guide, you’re going to need a bunch of pre-requirements! So make sure you follow each and every step really carefully!


  • For this guide, you are going to need one of the above three stated TouchWiz devices, or else this procedure won’t work!
  • You have to be on a rooted Note 4, S4, or S5.
  • Your device should be running Lollipop, Stock Android (TouchWiz)
  • You will also require a root browser, which you will need to dig down deep into the system files! Download it from the Downloads section below!
  • You need the BusyBox Script installed on your device. For that, you’ll first need the BusyBox application itself. You can get hold of that from our Downloads section below too!
  • You will require a UnZipper application, we recommend WinRAR.
  • In your Root Browser Application, set the permissions to  rw-r–r– for each of the copied APK file.

Here is the download section. We have listed below all the important downloads (including Play Store Links). Make sure you have it all downloaded in order to continue with the guide!


  • Root Explorer. Download it by clicking Here.
  • BusyBox. Download it by clicking Here.
  • Lollipop_Themes_Enables.ZIP. Download it by clicking Here.

Once you have everything set, go ahead and follow the procedure!


Enable Theme Engine On Your Note 4, S4, and S5

  1. Launch BusyBox, and install the script.
  2. Download the file from above, and unzip it anywhere on your device.
  3. Open the Root Browser Application.
  4. Navigate into the folder that you got extracted from the ZIP file earlier. You will find two folders, namely : app and csc.
  5. Now, simply copy the contents of the app folder to System>App on your smartphone. Ensure the set permissions.
  6. Launch the csc folder, and copy the theme_app_list.xml to System>csc.
  7. Tap and Hold the floating_feature.xml which is found in the System>etc directory. Tap on edit.
  8. You will find a bunch of sting codes in this file. Don’t worry. What we need here is the following string code:
  9. Add the following string code in between the code as follows. “theme v2
  10. Save the file, and close the Root browser.
  11. Now, restart your Galaxy phone.

Great work! Now, to have a look at your brand-new Theme Engine on your Non-Galaxy S6 device, tap and hold anywhere on the home screen, and you’ll find yet another forth option, namely “themes”. Enjoy your brand-new theme engine now! If you had any problems regarding this guide, feel free to leave a comment below!

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