List of all Samsung Smart TV Apps on Smart Hub


This is a complete list of all Samsung Smart TV Apps on Smart Hub. This list includes movie apps, games, music & radio, sports, etc.

Samsung is the world leader in the Smart TV business. With 21% overall market share, Samsung leads the charts having LG next to it. Over the past few years, Samsung has upped its Smart TV game. Just like its smartphones, Smart TVs are becoming thinner and smarter.

Samsung Smart TV Apps
MU7000 4K TV showing Smart TV Apps

If you are not familiar with the Smart TVs already, then let me tell you what Smart TVs are. The TVs that come with integrated internet and support Web 2.0, and also run an operating system are called Smart TVs. Most people misunderstand Smart TVs for Android TVs, but that’s not the case. Samsung’s Smart TVs run their own Tizen software. Samsung uses its Smart Hub to allow apps and games on its TV.

Samsung Smart TV Apps
Tizen Smart Hub on MU7000

It also means that you cannot run the Android apps straight away on your Samsung Smart TV. Furthermore, you cannot sideload any external apps on TV. Samsung has its own app store on Smart TVs. Only Tizen-supported applications are available there. Unfortunately, there is not a huge number of apps for Tizen-based TVs. There are nearly 300 Samsung Smart TV Apps in total.

Before you take a look at the Apps for your Smart TV, let me give you an idea of the popular apps.

Popular Samsung Smart TV Apps


Thankfully, Smart TV supports the most popular free content-streaming application. In 2019, YouTube has already become the biggest video sharing platform. You can watch content from your favorite YouTuber or watch a live stream right away. YouTube uses your Google Account to work. If your Google Account has any previous YouTube history, the Smart TV will automatically sync it.


The platform that needs no introduction. Netflix runs in full HD on Samsung Smart TVs. It even runs in HDR on the supported TVs. You can enjoy the Movies, TV Shows, Documentaries, and Animes in a crispy resolution now. You must own a Netflix account in order to access it.

Prime Video

Just like Netflix, Prime Video is another application where you can watch movies, TV shows, seasons, animes, and documentaries. To run the Prime Video, users need the Prime Video account. In comparison to the Netflix membership, Prime Video is much cheaper and consumes fewer internet resources.


Dailymotion works are similar to YouTube. It doesn’t have very high-end features like YouTube, but it can be used as a YouTube alternative. Problem with Dailymotion is content censorship. Like YouTube, Dailymotion doesn’t have very strong content filters in place. Furthermore, the content recommendation algorithm of Dailymotion is no that strong either.


Vimeo is for the users who hate ads. If you are tired of seeing those breaks in your videos on YouTube, again and again, its time to switch to Vimeo. It also offers a very high-end streaming experience. Vimeo can be heavy on your internet resources, so be a little careful while using it.


Plex is the most popular client-server media player. You can install Plex on your computer, phone, Nvidia Shield, Smart TV, and many other devices. After installing Plex, you can add media libraries to your Plex Player. The Player will handle the rest. After this, you can install Plex on any other device, access your media player and play the content on the other device. Basically, you are making your own media server and accessing its content across multiple devices.

BBC News

The name speaks for itself. To stay connected with what’s happening around the globe, BBC News is your way to go. You can watch BBC News Live on Samsung Smart TV.

Al Jazeera

Just like BBC News, you can watch Al Jazeera live on Smart TV. The channel content streams in HD on the Samsung Smart TVs.

TuneIn Radio

To listen to your favorite podcasts, weekly top-charts from the pop and rock genre, or listen to any other kind of music, TuneIn Radio is your way to go. It runs flawlessly on the TV.


Spotify, the most popular music streaming application is also available for Smart TV, but not in all the regions. If you are in the US, UK, or India, you may be able to use Spotify. It’s not available in a large number of countries at the moment.

Remember that the availability of all these apps is totally subjective to your religion. Some of these apps will be available in your country and some not. Furthermore, the applications for your country may completely differ from the ones mentioned here.

Samsung Smart TV Video Apps

Following is a list of all the Video applications on the Samsung Smart Hub. Remember that these Smart TV Apps include the live streaming applications, these also include the screencasting or screen-mirroring apps and also the documentary apps.

Video Apps Preview Screen on Smart Hub

The Samsung Smart TV Apps reach a number of whopping 146. All 146 Video Apps of Smart TV are listed below according to their row order.

Video Apps – Row Smart TV App Name
1 TMS Player Shant Digital TV
ОК Виде
Digiturk Play Yurtdisi Plex
2 Dailymotion Super3 ViNTERA.TV ChannelSPB Vidio
3 TRT ZEE5 iflix Alexander Kondrashov Boong Cartoon
4 RC Buyer TEATRIX Net ipTV TV3
6 Mediabay Media Station X Love Nature 4K DIGI TV
7 OttPlayer ANM HD TV The Lionel B Show ZicZic Supers Songs Gloomy House
9 Sheet Music Boss Nanomid
MALL.TV Shalom TV Gluuoo 
10 MasFace Aomawhee TB Comedy Bar TV FTV+12+Channels Holy Places 4K
11 DancetrippinTV 4NET.TV Duck TV Set iptv Hayat Media
12 MEGOGO TB N KNHO GjiarafaVideo Digital Concert Hall SmartUP Kartina TV
13 NoraGo SHAHID Red Bull TV Divan.TV Moja WebTV
14 NetTV Plus JadooTV Farsi Wiener Staatsoper Live takt1 NhacCuaTui
15 New Buzz TV CuriosityStream EITB TeleUP Brasil Dekkoo
16 Smart IPTV YouTube Arti Yerel Medya YouTV
17 Facebook Watch Ministra Player Snagfilms App START eLifeON
18 NewsFrontTV JadooTV Neverthink TV RAIN


19 GSS MEDIA WW Shalom World TV Mercedes-Benz TV


20 IPTV ILIRIA Hactorwee bpemr Allpay Bexfy


21 Yupp TV GjirafaVideo Vizbee Met Opera on Demand

BBC News

22 Viaway PlayKids Preschool Arpinet TV DeliverfyTV Portal


23 Pycckoe KNHO Porsche TV Funbox UHD Tizen Vimeo


24 LVL YuppFlix AVIION TV OTTPlayer

YouTube Kids

25 Eynio VisionTV Viewster – Free Movies TMG Network Smart STB

DS Video

26 The Dream VR Lyca TV Pro TV Cast Playmigo

Innovation TV

27 Al Jazeera TV Plus myGreeceTv GoLiveTV

Sleep Baby Owl

28  Netflix Prime Video IttOtt.TV IZITV


29 BalkaniyumTV Toon Goggles Screens on fire Rockaxis TV


30 TED      


Samsung Smart TV Sports Apps

The Samsung Smart Hub has 14 sports apps. These including some famous sports apps too like the WWE and MLB.TV. You also have the UFC.TV and World Poker Tour apps. Here is a list of all 14 Samsung Smart TV Sports Apps.Smart TV Sports Apps


Sports App Row App Name
1 MLB.TV NFL Game Pass WWE LaLigaSportsTv Alfa Sports
2 FREE MMA World Surf League Sevilla FC Tennis TV Fishing TV
3 UFC.TV mmh sports & entertainment World Poker Tour WRC – The Official App  

Samsung Smart Hub Games

There are 59 games in the Samsung Smart Hub. These are small and easy games that you can play with the remote of your TV. The smart TV does not come with a very powerful CPU and GPU which means you should not expect some resource-intensive games on your TV. Most of these games are there to kill your boredom only. Take a look at all 59 Samsung Smart TV Games in the list below.

Smart TV Games

Row Game Name
1 Orc Hunt Idle Gods Urban Ninja 2 Battle Jutland 2 Boom Machine
2 Miss Sharp Incredible Tank Red Baron  Fox Solitaire Mautilian
3 Spider Solitaire Ikhtilaf Tasaveer Color Mash Jumpoon  Amanda Bubble
4 Rapid Drift Star Fighter Ball O Matic Snow Battle Store Keeper
5 Kings of Solitaire Flying Gomes Nut War Laser Mazer Zebra Crossing
6 TACKs Quadrix Let it Surf Bobble Dobble Spacedog Yuri
7 Drink Crush Diaomond Mine Cocktail Party Solitaire HD Rampant Heroes
8 Unblock.It Battle of Jutland n-slide Wal Venture Numeroso
9 Urban Ninja Lunar Lander K-141 Kursk Flying Fish 2 Flying Fish
10 The Berlin Wall 2048 Maniac Tarmac Race Super Candy 2 Space Bubble Defender
11 Munch Snake Duck Shooter TicTacToe4K CrazyKart
12 Doctor of IQ House of Quiz El Doardo Monkey Madness  

Music & Radio

If you live listening to the music, podcasts, and random radio shows, this section is for you. The Music & Radio section has some of the finest applications for this purpose. You will apps like Deezer and TuneIn in this section. These apps come for free and you can play them in the background while having the TV’s screen turned off. There are 11 such applications in total. Take a look at all the Music &  Radio Apps in the Smart Hub.

Smart TV Music & Radio

Row Music & Radio App Name
1 Digital Concert Hall RFE/RL Deezer Radio by my Tuner The KARAOKE Channel
2 Karaoke TV by Redkaraoke Calm Radio TuneIn Dirigent
3 42NET Smart Player        

Apps to Kill Time

This is just another section of the apps in the Smart TV. These apps are already there in the Movies, Games, Sports, and Music & Radio apps. Samsung has just picked the best possible apps and added into this category. You can take a look at the Apps to Kill Time here too.Smart TV Apps to Kill Time

Row Apps to Kill Time
1 Plex MLB TV dailymotion Filmbox Live Audi
2 OttPlayer Digital Concert Hall Red Bull TV Wiener Staatsoper Live YouTube
3 TV Rain UFC.TV Mercedes-Benz TV Flying Fish 2 Flying Fish
4 2048 Maniac MUBI YuppTV Porsche TV


5 WRC – The Official App Netflix Prime Video Kanal13 Rockaxis TV
6 Monkey Madness  icflix TED    

SmartView Enabled

There are the smartview enabled applications. These applications can run on your phone from the TV and from the phone to your TV by casting the screen. The SmartView of your Samsung or any other Android handset will work smoothly with these apps. The SmartView Enabled apps include.Smart Life Enabled Apps

Row SmartView Apps
1 Gjirafa Video Pycckoe KNHO Vimeo MegaCast Playmigo
2 Toon Goggles icflix      

Smart Life

Smart Life applications are the utility apps in Smart TV. These apps include the following.Smart Life Apps

Row Smart Life Apps
1 MP3Quran Market Hub SeeColors McAfee Security for TV Smart STB
2 Screen Size Simulator Komfort Cloud Smart      

News & Weather Apps

Lastly, there are the News & Weather applications to keep you informed. There are 10 such applications in total.Smart TV news & Weather Apps

Row News & Weather Apps
1 Channel NewsAsia Bloomberg RFE/RL NewsFrontTV Al Hadath
2 Al Arabiya RT Al Jazeera The Weather Network AccuWeather

Content Preview Applications

Content Preview Apps

Content preview apps are Samsung’s handpicked apps for mixed content. These apps are picked from all the categories mentioned above. Since there is no new or unique application listed under Content Preview App, I’m not mentioned them once again here to avoid repetiton.

Final Words

That’s all with the list of Samsung Smart TV Apps. What applications are you seeing in your region? Don’t forget to drop the names in the comments below so that we can add them to this list. Stay connected.


Last Updated: 26th October 2019

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