[ Fixed ] LG G4 that won’t Turn on or Boot Up


This is how you can Fix Your LG G4 that won’t Turn on or Boot Up, LG G4 is the best device back in the days you can buy. But as we have seen big guns going down because of hardware issues and unfortunately LG G4 is also on the list. Even I have an LG G4 that is dead for sure, but I got another one in which I faced the same issue ” LG g4 won’t turn on ” luckily this time I got to Fix my LG G4 using the following methods.

lg g4 wont turn on

Fix LG G4 that won’t Turn on or Boot Up:

You can apply these methods for following issues:

As we’ve told you in our previous post that if nothing is working for you, then the best option for you is to go to the nearest LG service center and let professional check your device for you.

Step1: The first thing you should do if your device won’t turn on, connect your device with the original charger that came in the box. Charge your device for minimum 30 minutes. Now if your device is showing the charging icon then it’s a good sign if not follow the next step.

Step2: Sometimes there is dust in your device charging that won’t let you charge the device or cause of overcharging your device seems to run over a bad battery. In both cases, once your LG G4 is out of power it won’t turn on then. Replace your battery and clean your charging port carefully.

Step3: LG G4 is giving you hard time while you are trying to bring it back to life, try forced restart. All you have to do is Press and hold the power keeper 30 seconds. Once you see a sign of life in your LG G4 you can release the button. Wait for your device to turn on then keep an eye on things.

Step4: Still no luck for you? Try Factory resetting your LG G4. But keep that in mind you’ll lose all of your data on the device. Follow the steps below to factory reset LG G4.

  • Press and Hold Volume Down + Power button together for few seconds then release, you’ll be in Android System recovery.
  • Now scroll down using the volume down key and select wipe data/factory reset using power key.
  • On Next screen, you have to allow system recovery to data wipe your device. Then press power key to reboot.

Step5: Once you have Wiped all the data from your LG G4, now you’ll be in Factory state. Hope to see that your device is working fine. If not go to the LG service center and work things out with them.

If you are facing more issues which are not listed here you can Contact Us.

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