LG G2 LockScreen On Any Android Device – With/Without Root.


LG Flagship device LG G2 arrived with a lot of beautiful things, First users demanded its launcher and now its Lock Screen is available at Google Play Store to download. But installing a Lockscreen means you have to change the whole Framework of device. Lockscreen works according to the Physical Buttons, something that usually not available that easily. Installing a launcher only changes the Looks and slight Working of device, only Physical Key that works on Launcher is the Home Key, if the device is Samsung. Otherwise, Soft Touch keys that don’t matter much, works on Launchers.


But Lockscreen is activated when you Press the Lock/Power Button and wakes up when you press either Home or Power Button. So, installing a lock screen sometimes requires a Rooted device, but this LG G2 Lock Screen, does not demand anything like this, except that it says you need a rooted device to unlock Dew Drop effect, but it still works fine without Rooted Device.

The LG G2 Lock Screen is the closet imitation of the original Lock Screen and work flawless on almost every device. This app is very easy to install and available at Google Play Store without any Cost. Having installed it on your device running ICS, Jelly Bean, Kit-Kat, you will be able to enjoy Five types of Effects on your Lock Screen.

  1. Particle effect
  2. Crystal effect
  3. Ripple effect
  4. White Hole effect
  5. Dewdrop effect

As I mentioned above, that in order to enjoy the Dew Drop Effect, your device must be rooted but some users claimed that they are using it without any Rooting. In Settings, you will find a huge collection of Features. You can Hide/Show the Status Bar, Set upto Five Shortcuts. Whether you want Sound or Vibration on LockScreen, or you want to see Notifications on LockSreen or not. You can Decide the Size of Clock, or Date, or set Some Text on Screen.

The Only Bad Thing is the Pop-up which will irritate you once you try to leave the settings, rather than that, everything else is awesome. Download the Latest Version of LG G2 LockScreen, from Play Store and Start Enjoying it on your device too.

Download LG G2 LockScreen


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