Leaked image shows that Galaxy S8 will feature Screen Resolution Adjustment


With the amount of Galaxy S8 leaks, we are wondering what’s next? A short while ago, we got to see a new short video of the smartphone in Black Sky color and now we have information on one of the features that Galaxy S8 has. SamMobile has shared that Galaxy S8 will come with a screen resolution adjustment feature.

This feature was introduced last year with the fateful Galaxy Note 7 and as the name suggests it allows users to select the resolution for their displays. A leaked image online with this menu open has started the new speculation.

Users will be have the option to adjust the display from HD (1480 X 720)  to Full HD (2220 X 1080)  to WQHD (2960 X 1440). Full HD display will most probably be the default option for the device. The users in the Setting menu can find this option and then select the resolution.

At a glance the feature may not seem impressive but looking it from the perspective of functionality it has a lot to offer. This feature can end up improving a devices battery and performance. As the display sucks a lot of battery power this is one of the ways in which it can be optimized.


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