Latest Instagram update lets you share up to 10 pictures and a video in one post


Instagram in its latest update now allows you to share up to 10 images and a video in one post. Beforehand users could only upload one picture at a time and then publish it for your network members to see. Now the new update allows for more flexibility in terms of sharing images.

When you are ready to post, select up to 10 images that you want to post, if you have a video you can add that too. As you select images from the gallery, each selected image will indicate which number image it is and how many more can you select. Once you are done with the selection and want to change the order of the photos, that too is possible, just drag and drop it in the desired position.

So, what about adding filters to the selected pictures? Now with multiple photos how can one edit and apply filters n them. That’s quite simple, after uploading the picture select which image you want tot edit and apply a filter on, tap on the image, get creative and one you are done save the changes and move on to the next one.

When you are satisfied with how your selected photos look and are ready to post the images, just tap next and add in description for your similar to what you used to do for one image. Write, tag and publish.

Sharing multiple images was never this easy, this will definitely change the dynamic of the platform, once where one had to painstakingly upload images individually, in contrast, this update provides more convenience both for users and marketers.


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