Keep Yourself Motivated to Lose Weight with Nexercise


Keeping the fitness of your body perfect is one of the essential parts of life specially in today’s era. In this busy world, schedules are getting tough, routines are getting messed up and one may lose the fitness having no time to perform some physical activities/exercises. With the advent of Android, iOS and other OS powered devices, it has eventually become a little easy to maintain routines, keep the things up to the mark on time and organize the things. Technology has definitely given the world a new direction, the highly functional gadgets thus play an important role in one’s life.

Android and iOS app stores are full of Weight loss coach apps / health / fitness and other similar categories. All these apps require you to go through different exercises and just give you a track record of your fitness with time. But that’s not really interesting? There are no rewards, there’s no fun in simply exercising and just seeing the status of our body’s fitness on the phone’s screen, there should be some fun activity at least to keep the interest alive in exercise. After having my weight increased by a few LB’s I’ve been trying to use different apps on my Galaxy Note 3 and trying to maintain my routine but failed using the bored fitness apps whether it’s Samsung’s default app or a 3rd party app but it doesn’t help enough to stay regular, but it looks like I’ll get regular now and lose the increased weight in short span of time as there’s an app that seems to help the people like me.

So, are you one of those wishing to lose their weight and something’s not letting that happen? Well, it maybe laziness, or maybe it makes you feel bored or there’s no motivation? if so then there’s something good knocking on the door that may help you to get rid of this state of being lazy and motivate you to get up and start exercising. We are talking about Nexercise, dubbed as fun weight loss by the developers.

Nexercise is a game-type exercise app consisting of different activities and upon completing each activity the users are rewarded with different prizes in app. With over 200 different activities, Nexercise allows the users to choose their favorite exercise and each activity / exercise has different rewards (medals). There’s a number of wight loss / health apps available for Android and iOS but Nexercise is one of it’s own kind that keeps the users’s interest alive and helps to maintain the body’s fitness at its best. It also keeps a track record of user’s fitness once the profile is settled up.

Nexercise 1

The app is absolutely free for both Android and iOS. You may go ahead and get it on your device right now and start losing your weight right from today.

Download: Android | iOS