Keep a watch on your Kid’s phone with Hoverwatch


Smartphones are changing the way we live. There was a time when we could use the smartphones only to dial a number or text someone, but now, you can do everything digitally on your phone. Smartphones are the ultimate computing machines which have taken over normal human lives, it’s almost impossible now to skip the use of one. You need to stay updated about the world around you, you need to stay connected with everyone on all social media and communication platforms, you need to perform various tasks with the help of your phone. Smartphones are even becoming a need for Kids of today. For Kids, smartphones have both pros and cons. Basically, it totally depends on the purpose for which the kids are making the use of a smartphone. If your kid is using a smartphone and it puts you in a worry about what your kid is doing, then you need a simple solution which can easily let you monitor all the activities of your child, and also allow you to track him/her down every minute.

Free phone tracker by Hoverwatch is one such tool, which you puts at the ease of keeping an eye on everything without doing much. It’s a cellphone tracker capable of recording SMS Messages, Call Logs, Audio, monitoring Camera, tracking Location and also record all the internet activity. Hoverwatch is an intelligent piece of software which stays invisible in an Android smartphone, the smartphone user completely remains unaware of the application working in the background. Once active, it starts recording all the incoming and outgoing activities of the phone. Not only text messages, Hoverwatch can also read up Facebook, WhatsApp and Viber communication and bring up all the information in your dashboard. The GPS tracker of Hoverwatch keeps you updated about the geolocation of the user having that smartphone. The camera features allows Hoverwatch to snap a picture of the user whenever he/she unlocks the phone, and the picture pops up in your Hoverwatch control panel. If the SIM card of the phone gets replaced, Hoverwatch is going to inform you about that.

Now with all the features explained above, the idea quickly jumps over your mind how you can make the use of Hoverwatch to monitor your kids or anyone else. When you get to know that who your kids are interacting with using their smartphone, you can immediately take an action if something malicious is going on. You can always see where they are and what’s going on inside their smartphone. Go through their internet and search history to see what content are they going through over the internet.

That’s not it, you can also look over a group of people working in a team to checkout their progress and their work behaviour. There’s a lot more that you can do using this tool. Get your hands on it and experience the full control over your loved one’s activities to keep them safe and sound.

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