iOS 11.1.2 bug resulted in some iPhone units crashing from today

If you were in a hurry to download the latest iOS 11.2 update and thought that it would improve the way your phone functioned, well we have some bad news for you at the moment. Lots of users have reported that the issue has resulted in the crashing of their mobile devices. While it is rare to have a polished operating system like iOS die on you time and time again, lots of users have reported this problem.

iOS 11.2 bug resulted in some iPhone units crashing from today

Heading over on to Reddit, a lot of users have started complaining that they have updated their devices to the latest iOS 11.2 update and rendered their devices into a crash-induced handset.

“Lots of people on iOS 11.2 and maybe other versions have been facing issues in the past 24 hours or so, suffering from reboots/bootloops after seconds or minutes of using their phone. This issue may affect iPads as well (not confirmed).

Technically this is actually a “respring” if you see a spinning circle rather than the Apple logo.

This means that Springboard (the home screen with all the icons) is reloading itself, but your entire phone remains switched on throughout. You will be prompted to enter your passcode again once Springboard has reloaded.

Some possible solutions until Apple publishes a fix: Force restart your phone after trying any of these as they may not work straight away. Remember different iPhones have different force restart methods.

iPhone 6/s and below: home + power iPhone 7: volume down + power iPhone 8/X: press then let go volume up, press and let go volume down, hold power.”

A fix has also been provided at the top, but it is not guaranteed to fix your mobile phone immediately though you should try it to see if it solves the matter for you.

As for Apple, looks like the company’s developers will need to invest more time and resources in coming out with a fix in a very short period of time.


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