Improve Your Galaxy Note 4 Camera Quality With This Camera Mod


Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is the latest flagship device from Samsung, which was released with one of the most initiative ideas of all times, Galaxy Note Edge. Galaxy Note 4, on the outside, is not much different than Note 3, but under the hood, there are alot of gimmicks that will sure to change your mind to purchase the Note 4. However, there is always room for improvements, like Canon did it in their Cameras by promoting the Magic Lantern OS on their devices, although I never liked Canon, but love to use it with Magic Lantern. But that is not our case, we are here to give you something for Galaxy Note 4. The Camera of Galaxy Note 4 is quite amazing, although Mobile cams can never able to reach such heights, but still it is up-to you how much you can get from it.

Camera Mods are something that are always there to help users to get the best out of their Camera, sometimes, the 3rd party apps provide far better results than the Stock Camera, my experience with Stock Camera apps were not good at all, except in Nexus 5. On Galaxy S4, I used Stock Android cam, cause it was fast and provide even better results than the S4 Camera App, in Note 4, if you are not satisfied with its quality, we got your back, cause on XDA there is a solution to every problem. kevinrocksmanat XDA has provided a Camera Mod for Galaxy Note 4, which not only will change the Camera Quality, but also enhanced the video quality and Smooth Motion feature. Without Further ado, let us continue.



Galaxy Note 4 Camera Mod

Root Your Device

Installation Method Number 1:

  1. Download the file.
  2. Open ES File Explorer.
  3. Navigate to System > App.
  4. Delete the SamsungCamera3.apk and SamsungCamera3.odex.
  5. Copy the SamsungCamera3.apk to System > App.
  6. Set the Permission to rw-r-r. If you are not Familiar on How To Set Permission in Android, follow the link
  7. Copy the media_profiles to System > etc
  8. Set Permission to rw-r-r.
  9. Reboot the device.
  10. Enjoy

Installation Method Number 2:

  1. Copy the Zip to the root of your Sdcard.
  2. Enter Recovery Mode, How? Follow the Link
  3. In Recovery, Navigate to Advance and Tap Devlik Wipe Cache.
  4. Now Tap Wipe Cache
  5. Navigate to Install Zip > Choose Zip
  6. Choose the Zip file you downloaded above and Tap Continue
  7. Once the Installation is over, Go back.
  8. Choose Reboot System Now.
  9. Enjoy

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