How to Use Your Google Contacts on Windows Phone 8/8.1


Few days back i got a Windows Phone Nokia Lumia 920 and i updated it Windows Phone 8.1, after updating it to WP8.1, I got new features and more option to customize my home screen. It means Nokia is really working hard to get a position in the smartphone market, best of luck for Nokia. Let’s get back to the topic How to Use Your Google Contacts to Windows Phone 8/8.1, this is the most commonly searched query on Google. When ever we purchase a new device rather than Android first thing we do is copy our contacts to the device. If you are using an Android device then you can easily store your phone contacts on a Gmail id, so you can use this email to transfer the contacts as i am bout to tell you how ?. Follow all the steps mentioned below in the Guide.

google contacts copy to windows phone 8

How to Use Your Google Contacts to Windows Phone 8/8.1:

Follow all the simple steps mentioned below in this guide in order to use your Google Contacts to Windows Phone 8/8.1. Please do tell me in the comments if you face any issue regarding this method.



Step 1: Goto your main menu and select settings.



Step 2: Now select email + accounts.

wp_ss_20140924_0003Step 3: After selecting email + accounts now select add an account.



Step 4: Choose Google from the list.



Step 5: Sign in with your Google id on which you have your phone contacts.



Step 6: After successfully logging in you’ll get two options. Select Email, contacts and calendar to make sure your contacts get imported.

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