How To Update Your Xbox One Controller In 7 Simple Steps

For all the PC users, using a Joystick is not an easy task, as both Mouse and Keyboard are doing the best job ever, however, all those who are used to Gaming Consoles, can’t live without an upgraded Controller. Not in terms of Hardware, but in terms of Software. Sometimes you need to update the Software of your Controller in order to make sure that it is compatible with all the Hardware you are using. Most of the times, users neglect the Firmware update until they start experiencing the problems. Despite this Firmware is available for a long time and it is not important to update, but if you are using Xbox Stereo Headset Adaptor, you are in desperate need to update the Firmware of your Xbox Controller.

The set-up and installation process is not that difficult, however, I suggest if you are not using the Headset Adaptor, then do not update your Console Controller, otherwise, do update it. If you don’t know How To Update Your Xbox One Controller In 7 Simple Steps, we will show you how it is done, now grab the necessary things and get ready.



  1. An Xbox One
  2. Xbox Stereo Headset Adaptor
  3. Xbox Controller
  4. Micro USB Cable, that comes with the Xbox
  5. Active Internet connection

How To Update Your Xbox One Controller:

  1. Turn On your Xbox One and Sing-in to Xbox Live, just to make sure that your device is ready to accept the updates.
  2. Plug-in the Headset Adaptor to the Bottom of your Controller, and also connects it with the Headset, otherwise the adaptor won’t Turn On.
  3. Plug the Micro USB cable to the Console, the cable must be the one that comes with the Console, otherwise, you might have slow installation process.
  4. Plus the Micro USB cable (Small Port) to the Xbox Controller.
  5. It will trigger the Update process automatically, Follow the on-screen instructions and don’t disconnect the Cable.
  6. If the update doesn’t start automatically, Press the Menu button  and Navigate to Settings > System > Update Controller and Select Continue.
  7. Once the update is complete, Unplug the USB Cable, If you want to update another controller, connect them one-by-one until all of them are updated.
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