How to Unban a Banned Pokemon Go Account

Pokemon Go is sitting atop of all the charts of Android and iOS applications at the moment. The game is yet to make its way to some countries. It’s release is taking time to hit different regions because of the server load on Niantic’s servers. Pokemon Go’s craze is getting onto the new peaks every single minute. Players are enjoying this game and competing with one another and trying hard to beat each other’s level. There came a number of applications in the Google Play Store that acted more like a Pokemon Go assistant. Pokemon Go maps, Pokestop tracking applications and many other such apps helped players to boost up their game play. Niantic took an actin against these applications and removed them all with the help of Google from the Google Play Store, but this didn’t stop the Pokemasters from trying dirty tricks to beat one in another on the rank-charts of Pokemon Go.niantic-taking-requests-for-new-gyms-and-pokestop-for-pokemo_xwnj.640

While trying to prove others that they are better at playing Pokemon Go, people have got their Pokemon Go accounts banned. Let’s not talk about the cheats or the tricks that have actually tricked you getting banned, but talk about the solution now. We are talking about a soft-ban here, we in no way mean to help you un-ban yourself from a hard-ban. A soft ban simply means the Pokestop doesn’t spin when you reach it and try spinning it, it won’t work and won’t show you any Pokemon or anything at all. To get rid of this, you’ve to play a little trick that we have just come across. Let’s have a look on how to lift up the soft-ban from your banned Pokemon Go account.

How to Unban a Banned Pokemon Go Account


  1. Make sure that you’re connected to the internet and you can open Pokemon Go.
  2. Now open the Pokemon Go game in your phone.
  3. Find a local Pokestop around.
  4. Tap the Pokestop and it will open the Pokestop screen with its name and its picture in the circle.
  5. Try spinning the circle, if the circle doesn’t spin that means you’re banned.
  6. Now get back to the game by pressing the back key and tap the Pokestop again, it won’t spin again.
  7. Repeat this same process for 40 times, in the 41st spin, the Pokestop will start spinning and your ban will be lifted up.
  8. That’s all. Let us know if this works for you or not. Best of luck.

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