How To Transfer Files from Samsung Galaxy S4 to PC/Desktop


Now-a-days all we use is a smartphone for taking photos, use internet, listen music and edit our office documents. Smartphones really help us in so many ways because our of important data that is on our device and we need to protect it by backing it up on PC or online cloud storage (Which is done presently). Today I’ve prepared a brief step by step guide on how to transfer files from Samsung Galaxy S4 to PC. Seems very easy and most of us know how to do it but while doing it you can face many problems. In my guide I’ve added most of the issues (that can accrue during the transfer process) and there solutions.

How To Transfer Files from Samsung Galaxy S4 to PC/Desktop
How To Transfer Files from Samsung Galaxy S4 to PC/Desktop

How To Transfer Files from Samsung Galaxy S4 to PC:

Following are the all possible ways, methods, tips and tricks on how to transfer files from Samsung Galaxy S4 to PC, Computer, Laptop and Mac.

Supported Formats for Samsung Galaxy s4 and PC to transfer files:

  • For Music Files:

mp3, m4a, mp4, 3gp, 3ga, wma, ogg, oga, aac, and flac

  • For Image Files:

bmp, gif, jpg, and png.

  • For Video Files:

3gp, mp4, avi, wmv, flv, and mkv.

  • For Document Files:

doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx, pdf, and txt.

How To Transfer Files Using KIES:

Samsung KIES is the official desktop software manager for all the Samsung devices. You can use KIES to manage, files, contacts, media libraries, documents, sync, calendar and update your device to latest firmware.

  1. Download Samsung KIES from here. [ Download KIES ]
  2. After download is completed now install KIES and wait for installation to be completed.
  3. Now open KIES from the shortcut created on your desktop.
  4. Connect your Samsung Galaxy S4 via USB cable. [ Make sure you are using original cable ].
  5. After your device is connected with KIES, now you can transfer file from your Samsung Galaxy S4 and transfer files to Samsung Galaxy S4.

How to Connect to the computer as a media device to transfer files:

  1. First connect your device with PC/Computer via USB cable.
  2. Wait for few seconds windows will analyse the USB driver’s are installed or not. [ If not download from here ]
  3. After you device is connected it will say on your device “Connected as Media Device”.
  4. Now on your Galaxy S4 drag down the notification bar and tap on Connect as Media device.
  5. Once your device is connected as media device {MTP}. Go to my computer and you will see Samsung Galaxy s4 in portable device section.
  6. Double click on it to open, once it’s open you can transfer files between PC and Galaxy S4.


How to transfer files from your computer to your Samsung S4:

  1. First connect your Samsung Galaxy S4 with PC.
  2. Now make a folder and add all the select files that you want to transfer from your computer to Galaxy S4.
  3. Go to My Computer-> Open your Galaxy S4 connected as media device-> Copy the all the files that you’ve created in first step and paste it to your desire location.
  4. You can transfer files to Phone Memory or Card Memory. You’ll see both the storage option when you open media device in My computer.

How to transfer file between your computer and your Samsung Galaxy S4 wirelessly:

  1. Download and install Airdroid app on your Samsung Galaxy S4.
  2. After the installation is complete open the app.
  3. Once opened Airdroid app will show you a specific IP address to connect.
  4. Go to you computer and add the IP address into your browser.
  5. Once you hit enter you’ll get a message to enter the security code shown on your device.
  6. Insert the code in the box.
  7. If the code is enter successfully you’ll be promoted to a new page where you can see your files and folders of your Galaxy S4.
  8. Now you can easily transfer files between your computer and your Samsung Galaxy S4 wirelessly.

These are the possible ways to transfer files from Samsung Galaxy S4 to PC/ Computer. If you face any kind of issue please tell me in comments, I will surely help you out with that.