How to transfer data from your PC to iPhone without iTunes


Apple has a great software to offer on some great devices, but all of Apple’s devices come with certain limitations. For example, if you want to transfer some data like contacts, messages, pictures, music tracks etc to your iPhone, you will have to install the iTunes software in your computer first. Be it a Windows powered computer or Apple’s own MacOS powered computer, you will have to install the iTunes in any case. Now the iTunes has its own pros and cons. Many users find it quite hectic to use iTunes and they start looking for an easier solution. You will come across many softwares offering the solution for this kind of data transfer, but only a few will actually work. We have got our hands on one such tool which can take data from your PC to transfer to iPhone without iTunes. The tool we are talking about goes by the name TunesGo. The alternative to iTunesTunesGo is an all-in-one solution for your smartphone’s data management. It has several capabilities. The tool can installed on a computer running Windows or Mac. It doesn’t only work for iOS, it works for Android as well. You can transfer any song, picture, video from your computer to your Android smartphone or the Apple iPhone.


TunesGo offers two-way synchronisation. This means you can transfer data from your iPhone to your computer and vice versa. This beats iTunes since iTunes is only one-way synchronization tool. TunesGo has excellent management feature which lets the users to remove all the duplication songs and other such content from the device. An integrated file manager is there in the tool to give you a grip over your content in the phone. The file manager in TunesGo makes it really easy for the users to navigate through their files and remove all the junk they do not need in the first place.


Luckily, the list of TunesGo’s features just doesn’t end here. As mentioned earlier, it can transfer other data like videos, SMS messages, Contacts between  Android to Android, Android to iPhone and iPhone to Android or Android to iTunes etc. The software also comes with its own Backup and Restore feature which can take care of all mobile data from your music to your email files. There is a GIF convertor in the tool which offers converting a normal picture into a phone. You can also use your iPhone as a USB with the help of TunesGo. TunesGo has the patches to root certain Android smartphones. If your phone is lucky enough, it can be easily rooted using this tool.

Here is TunesGo in a nutshell:

  • Manage and Backup Contacts & SMS in a Safer and Simpler Way

  • Powerful File Explorer

  • Root Your Android for More Options

  • Save Your Mobile Data with More Efficient App Management






TunesGo’s trial period is free for both Windows (Download TunesGo for Windows) and Mac. If the trial version of the software satisfies you and meets all your needs, you can consider investing a few bucks in the tool and avail all the features hidden in its premium version.

Usama is a software engineer by profession and at he uses his expertise to solve everyday consumer tech problems with his main areas of interest being Android, iOS and Windows.

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