How To Share Videos, Photos Between iPhone and Android Quickly

After the porting of Bluetooth in Mobile Phones, data transferring has become really easy; just turn on the Bluetooth, Pair with other device and share the data while doing other stuff. You can even connect a Headset to listen to music using Bluetooth and in these hours of technology, Bluetooth is even available in all of the devices and with fast transferring speed too. However, when it comes to an Apple device, simply an iPhone, things are a lot more different.

Apple devices have Bluetooth ported in them, but it can only be used for connecting Bluetooth devices, not for ‘Transferring data’. So, if you have an Android device and you want to transfer data to an iPhone, you can’t just except to transfer data using Bluetooth. However, Wi-Fi can be used to do such a thing, all you need is to download an Application and start transferring.


How To Transfer Media Between Android and iPhone


  1. Open App stores on both the devices, and Downlaod Photo Sync.
  2. Android version is free with Ads, while on iOS you need to pay $2.99.
  3. Make Sure both the devices are connected to the same Network.
  4. Open the app and Select the Photos and Videos.
  5. Once you have selected them all, Tap the Red Sync Button on the Top.
  6. After that Choose the Transfer mode, in this case it is Phone/Tablet.
  7. The app will then search for the nearby devices with Photo Sync installed on them.
  8. Now all that left is to tap the device to which you want to share with and Transfer the files.
  9. If by any chance App does not search for devices automatically, you can configure the IP manually.
  10. The Files will be transfered via Wi-Fi connectivity, hence noticeably faster than Bluetooth.

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