How To Set-Up Text Shotcuts On iOS 7.

There is quite a little but neat feature of iOS 7 which most of the people don’t know, it’s called Text Shortcuts. Simply put, you can use a few letters and iOS will automatically expand it all for you, however you want it. For Example, ‘omg’ could become ‘Oh My GOD’ …. ‘tc’ could become ‘Take Care’. Not only will it saves your time but you can also make yourself more proper and your own shortcuts can be more useful than ever. Like ‘num’ can become your own number, ’eml’ can become you own ‘e-mail’. Don’t get to excited, you don’t even know how to set it up. So follow this simple tutorial and find out how?


How To Set-Up Text Shortcuts On iOS 7. [Tutorial]

  • Open Settings > General > Keyboard.
  • Scroll down to the bottom and Tap Add New Shortcut.
  • Type in the Phase you want it to expand out in the top text field.
  • Type in the shortcut, make sure to remember it too.
  • Tap Save.
  • Repeat steps until you are done adding texts.


Now try them in the messages and enjoy…Your Welcome…!! 😀

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