How To Save Google Maps For Offline Navigation


Coming of the smartphones has undoubtedly taught the world to move in a completely new direction overcoming a number of technical uncertainties. Once there was a time when people had to use their desktop PCs, Laptops to perform all of their major computer tasks while most of them are now possible using a little smartphone kept inside your pocket. Advent of smartphone operating systems like Android and iOS is what actually paved way for the people to come across a broader world.

You can access your favorite videos, listen to your favorite music tracks, play so many cool games and use so many cool and productive applications and besides that, your little smartphone powered with Android or iOS can be proven as a life companion as it may help you to enhance your everyday life at an extreme level. These devices now a days are powered with tons of sensors as well and the innovation is just moving on. One of the extremely imperative features that the Android smartphones are equipped with is the navigation. No matter where in the world you are, you’ve lost you’re path, or you just want to go to some unknown place without having any prior knowledge, navigation can be a life savior here as ┬áit will possibly provide you the shortest route to your destination and will also make you well aware of the surroundings.

You may have noticed that while you access the stock navigation application, known as Maps on your Android device, it always requires you to connect to internet first. This might cause some serious issues when you’re stuck at some unknown place or when you need to know your route to the destination and unfortunately you’ve no internet connectivity whether its mobile data or WiFi. In this case you would like to access the Maps offline. Although there’s a number of applications available in the Google Play Store that will give you the full offline navigation, but those will definitely cost you a little bit.

Since Google Maps now allows you to download the your desired Maps within the range of 50 x 50 KM, you don’t really need to spend some bucks on a navigation application. Although these Maps definitely have some certain limitations e.g (3D features, Indoor Maps etc), but it still might be of much use for some users. Just in case you are not aware of this little trick that will help you to save the Maps offline, you may go through this post and download the Maps for your desired nearest locations.

How To Save Google Maps For Offline Navigation:

    1. Make sure that your device is connected to the internet, a nice packet data plan or WiFi.
    2. Open the Google Maps application on your Android device.Maps8
    3. In the “Search” box type your destination or the place you want to route yourself to.Maps7
    4. Once you’ve found your desired location, tap it to pin point on the Map.
    5. Once you’ve seen the red pin pointing your location, pull up the location information bar (Swipe the screen downside up).Maps6
    6. Scroll to the bottom of the info bar and tap “Save map to use offline“.Maps4
    7. Name the map and save it now.
    8. Alternatively, once the Map is found, just tap the search bar again and type “ok maps” and you will instantly get the option to save the Map.
    9. Maps1 Maps2Maps3
    10. While you save the Maps for offline use, make sure that you save the area within 50 KM. Usually the area that will be saved is the only one shown on the Map. If you go out of the limit, you will get the error “The on-screen map is too large”.
    11. Another way to save the maps is to locate your desired destination on the Map and tap it. A red pin will indicate your chosen location, once it appears you can pull up the destination information bar and save it or save it using step 8.
    12. That’s all. You can access the offline Maps from the Menus in Maps > Your Places > Saved Maps.

You may also checkout some third party applications in the Google Play Store that provide complete offline navigation without any limitations and tons of features loaded in.

That’s all you got to do in order to get the Maps offline. Just in case you got any queries or you’re stuck with something regarding this post, make sure that you drop us your query in the comment box below. We will definitely get back to you immediately.

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