How to Run Apk with ARC welder on Mac or PC [ Tutorial ]

Now a days we can run Android Apps on PC, there are many third party emulators like BlueStacks, Andy and more. Today i’ll tell you another emulator which can be installed as chrome extension. ARC Welder is the latest Chrome extension which allow you to run Android apps by installing Apk of the games and apps. In the following guide i’ll tell you How to Run Apk with ARC welder on Mac or PC.

Before going any further let me tell what you need, latest version of Chrome and install ARC Welder from Chrome store. At the moment ARC Welder is in beta stage so not all the Apps will run properly.

How run Android Apk with ARC Welder

How to Run Apk with ARC welder on Mac or PC [ Tutorial ]:

Step#1: Open Chrome on your Mac or PC.

Step#2: Now download ARC welder here.

Step#3: You’ll be in Chrome store, now click on add to Chrome.

Step#4: Now open Google Play on your Mac or PC.

Step#5: Choose a App whom you want to install.

Step#6: Copy the Url given in the address bar.

Step#7: Open this site form here.

Step#8: Now paste the url that you’ve copied from Google Play Store in the give filed.

Step#9: Click on Generate Download link then click here to download.

Step#10: Now Open ARC Welder from your Mac or PC.

Step#11: Click Add your APK and find the APK that you downloaded.

Step#12: Now Click on Launch App.

All Done ! You’ve successfully installed the Android App using ARC Wilder, its much easier then other emulators and also better in performace.

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