How To Restore Your Unresponsive iPad/iPhone

There are many times when users complain that they now have an iPhone that does not respond no matter what you have done. The reason can be anything, a bad Jailbreak or even after a successful Jailbreak, after installing a Tweak. The scenario goes like this, you restart your device, either it stuck on the Apple Logo or on the Lock-Screen and nothing works except the buttons. In that cases most of the users thinks that their device is dead or bricked and now it is time to Purchase a new one. The solution is quite easy but there is a little risk in it too, you might loose all your data if you haven’t made a recent back-up of all your data, good news is that it works most of the time.


First Turn Off Your Unresponsive Device:

  1. Hold Down the Power button and Home Button at the Same time and Keep Holding them
  2. The Screen will turn black and you will see the Apple Logo, keep holding the buttons.
  3. Once the Screen goes completely black, wait for a few seconds and then let go of the buttons.

Now Turn On Your Device

  1. Now Hold the Power Button and if you see the Home-Screen then all is well.
  2. If you happen to get stuck on Apple Logo, repeat the above section till you see the home-screen.

Put Your Device In DFU Mode

  1. Connect your device with PC.
  2. Hold Down the Power button and Home Button at the Same time until you see Screen go from Apple Logo to Black, then let go of power button but keep holding the home button until iTunes detect your device in Recovery Mode.

Flash The Stock Firmware via iTunes

  1. In iTunes, Click Restore.
  2. When the device restarts and all is done, select the recent back-up you just made, when prompted to restore your Back-up
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