How to reset Nokia Lumia 1020 if it becomes unresponsive


Bad things come unwarned about. One such type is the one that leaves your phone useless. Your phone stucks and does not respond. Luckily, we have a solution for you for such a problem.

Two reasons could have brought you here to this page: one- you’re having this problem and two- you’re just exploring stuff. Whatsoever the reason may be, just go through these simple steps and you’re good to go!

  • Phone is On
  1. Go to settings>about>and select “reset your option”.


  • Phone is Off and wont turn on/ Frozen
  1. Hold down the power button, the camera key and the volume down key at the same time, utill you feel your phone vibrate.
  2. Release the power button, but keep holding the camera key and the volume down key until the phone reboots to the start screen.
An alternate method by Nokia:

In case the above method does not work, Nokia has issued an aternate way to reset your Nokia Lumia 1020. Follow the steps below:

  1. Turn off your phone
  2. Press and hold the power key. The phone vibrates, release the power key.
  3. Press  and hold the volume down key until it shows an exclamation mark on the screen. Release the volume down key.
  4. Perform the following key combination:
    • Volume Up
    • Volume Down
    • Power key
    • Volume Down

5.  The phone will reset and will automatically boot up.

(This might take a few minutes)


A revision of the above method is shown below through pictures:

lumia1 lumia2 lumia3

Please note that the reset will wash all the data on your phone.

Source: Nokia

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  1. what if none of these methods work?
    When I try any of these methods I get the vibration, the att logo, then a dead battery logo and the phone shuts down and none of these methods will bring it back to life.
    any suggestions anyone???

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