How To Remove Bloatware on AT&T and Verizon LG G3

No matter which brand or which mobile you’ll go after, you are sure to see some Bloat apps in it, Bloatware means, the app which are pre-installed by the Company in it, and can’t be removed without proper permissions. Most of them are just unwanted apps that no users use till the end of their experience with the device. These app not only keeps your App drawer, populated but also takes internal storage, consume RAM and CPU, thus making the device performs slowly. Most of these apps, keeps running the Background and also sucks the battery. Since Android is an open source platform and because of that Some of the OEMs are now passing the law that the Software Manufacturer should make the Bloats Un-installable.

LG latest flagship, LG G3 is out now and like LG G2, this device is amazing and one of the best smartphones in Market. However, like any other device, LG G3 also has some pre-installed apps, that most of the users wants to delete, we don’t have the solution for the International version, but if you own a Verizon or AT&T LG G3, and wants to get rid of Bloatware, also we will provide a list of Safe to Remove apps to help you in removing only those which are safe to remove.


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Root your device, you can follow the link to do so: Link

How To Remove Bloats:


  1. Download and Install Root Browser from Play Store.
  2. Open it and Grant the Root permission.
  3. Navigate to System/app folder and navigate to the Apk listed in the upcoming list.
  4. Tap and Hold and select Delete.
  5. Now if you want to keep the apk file but wants it to be erased from the App Drawer, just rename the file and change the extension to .bak
  6. Once you are done, Reboot your LG G3
  7. Enjoy

List of Verizon Bloat Apps:

VZ Tones—
VZ Messages— com.verizon.messaging.vzmsgs
VZ Support & Protection—
Cloud— com.vcast.mediamanager
NFL Mobile—
Visual Voice Mail— com.vzw.vvm.androidclient
VZ Navigator— com.vznavigator.Generic
ISIS Mobile Wallet— com.isis.mclient.verizon.activity
Caller Name ID
Facebook — com.facebook.katana
Google+ —
Music —

List of AT&T Bloat Apps:

Mobile Locate /
DriveMode / com.drivemode
FamilyMap— com.wavemarket.waplauncher
Mobile TV /
Smart Wi-Fi—
Address Book
Device Help
Mobile Hotspots
Google+ —
Famigo— com.famigo.sandbox
Lookout— com.lookout
ISIS Mobile Wallet— com.isis.mclient.atnt.activity
Beats Music—
Uber — com.ubercab
Amazon Kindle—
Facebook— com.facebook.katana

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