How to Record Calls on Android Smartphones

At the present time 90% of the smartphones used in the world run on Android. Doesn’t matter what version of Android it is and whether it is a low end or high end smartphone, what matters is only “Android”. Reason being is, Android’s open source nature has paved way for the developers to develop millions and billions of apps that add extra charm to Android’s authority. Android is the only firmware that allows the users to make both, the hardware and the software tweaks and helps itself to keep on the top of the list.

As mentioned, there’s a number of apps available for Android, that means you can do whatever you want and even if you want you can go beyond boundaries on your Android smartphone. Android powered smartphones also offer a lot of in call features, but lack in the very thing that is call recording. By default there is no way to call records in any Android smartphone. Sometimes it’s really important to record each and every single call for some safety measures or some memories and store them on your phone, but you will probably need an application or mod to do the thing for you here.

There’s a number of custom ROMs available for Android that allow call recording along with tons of other awesome features, but as said above this includes going beyond the boundaries of your phone. Not everyone is an expert enough to root an Android device, flash mods or flash custom ROMs just for a call recording feature. To make this thing easier, our great friend Dr. Ketan Hindocha has developed Auto Record app that keeps a recording of all of you incoming and outgoing calls in your device’s memory.

Dr Ketan Hindocha has always preferred  call recording feature in a custom ROM or through a mod and he has been including it in his custom ROMs as well. Earlier he mde this app but it required root access, but to surprise his followers he made a root-free call recording app and it is available for all of us in the Google Play store. Although there is a number of such apps available in the Google Play, but you will hardly find any single working properly. This is where this app takes lead as this app is way too much simple, and requires one tap activation only and works flawlessly without any hiccups here and there. Root free version is available for 1$ in the Google Play Store, while a free version of the app is available on XDA-thread as well but requires root. In the following post we have embed the download link for the application and also explained how you can get it working on your Android device, this app needs Android 4.0+ and has been tested on multiple Android phones and found working and possibility is, it will work on your device flawlessly as well. Let’s go ahead.

aAuto Record

Auto Record 2 

How to Record Calls on Android:

      1. Download Dr. Ketan Auto Record: Trial (No Root) | Donate Version (No Root) | Free Version (Root) 
      2. Copy the downloaded APK file to your phone or download it straight to your phone.
      3. Locate the copied/downloaded APK file on your phone and tap it.
      4. Proceed with the installation instructions now.
      5. Allow unknown sources if asked, select package installer if prompted.
      6. Once the app is installed, find it in the App Drawer.
      7. Tap the app icon.
      8. Select the calls you want to record (incoming / outgoing / both.)
      9. The app will record both incoming & outgoing calls in the background without interruption now.
      10. All the recorded files are saved in phone memory / sd card > sound / voice folder.
      11. You can uninstall the app using app manger anytime if you want.
      12. That’s All!

In case this app doesn’t work for you, let us know through the  comment box below with your device model and we will get it fixed. Thanks all!


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