How to locate lost or stolen LG G6


LG G6 owner’s presence on this page is not a good sign. This is most likely because the G6 owner has lost his phone and he is out of a way to find the phone back. Now that you are here, you should first relax because you are helpless anymore. Tracking and locating your lost or stolen LG G6 is not hard at all.

Google has its Android device manager set up on almost all the Android smartphones. This Android Device Manager is synced with your Google account that you have used to log in into your Android phone like and LG G6. Without a Google account, and Android device is quite incomplete since it won’t let you use any of Google Play Services unless you log in. There is a great possibility that you had the Google Account enabled on your LG G6 before it was lost or stolen, and this account is now going to save you a life provided that your phone had internet connectivity and it was password/pin protected.

Using Android Device Manager, you can locate the phone in a few minutes. Apart from tracking the phone, it also gives you an opportunity to erase your phone remotely so that the one who finds your phone doesn’t creep into your personal data. The steps to locate lost or stolen LG G6 are laid out below, read them and find your phone without going through any hassle.

Locate lost or stolen LG G6

  1. Open Android Device Manager web page on your computer.
  2. Login using your Google Account. This account must be the same as the one logged into your LG G6.
  3. As soon as Android Device Manger opens, it will start showing a map with the location of your device.
  4. If the map is empty, click Switch Map and it should come up with the most recent location of your phone.
  5. Using this map you can track/locate your lost or stolen LG G6 now.
  6. You can also ring your phone if you think that you just lost it nearby, in your room maybe.
    locate lost or stolen LG G6
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  7. Furthermore, you can erase the phone/factory reset it remotely to save your data from snoopers.