How to locate lost Galaxy S9 or S9 Plus remotely


Smartphone manufacturers follow a trend of releasing a flagship phone every year. Samsung is also one of those manufacturers. We see new phones with new features, new specs and new tech. With the changing hardware and software on the phones, we also see a surge in the price tag looking to empty your pockets. locate lost Galaxy S9 or S9 Plus remotely

The phones are getting expensive with the passage of time. If you look towards a flagship phone by Samsung, or even from its rival company Apple, you will be considering spending a flat 1000 bucks of your hard earned money. Such an expensive gadget requires a lot of care as well.

The all-new Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus are all set to make it to the markets. If you are planning to get one of these phones, you need to take all the security measures which will help you in case a mishap takes place on your phone. Companies like Samsung and Google have introduced a lot of applications and software which protect your phone from the hands of the thieves.

When you set up a new Samsung Galaxy phone, it asks you to activate your Samsung account. This account links your phone to the Samsung Find My Mobile service. The Find My Mobile service is more like a rescue service to handle your phone in case of a mishap.

Just like Samsung Find My Mobile, Google has its Android Device Manager as well. It syncs your phone using the Google Account. On an Android phone, you need a Google Account to set up Play Store. So, if you are using Play Store, you probably have got the Device Manager enabled as well.

The whole point of these services is to give you an extra layer of security so that you can take measures to wipe off your data from falling into wrong hands. You can also locate your phone through the map given on these services. You can also ring your phone to find it around you. There are options to factory reset your phone remotely as well.

So, just imagine if you are carrying your new Samsung Galaxy S9 or the S9 Plus, and you accidentally lose it, what’s are you going to do then? If you have got one of the services mentioned above activated and the internet connection enabled as well, then you have a chance of tracking down the lost, stolen, fallen or snatched Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9 Plus.

In such a situation, you need to act intelligently. The very first thing you should try to do is to locate lost Galaxy S9 or S9 Plus remotely. If you fail to find your phone, your next option should be to remotely wipe your phone. The first option might bring your phone back, but the 2nd one will only wipe the phone. If you cannot get your phone back, it’s a rather better option to wipe it to prevent your data from falling into the wrong hands.

Here is the tutorial to track or locate lost Galaxy S9 or S9 Plus remotely. The guide is divided into several steps. Follow them one by one to achieve the best results.


Locate lost Galaxy S9 or S9 Plus remotely

Track and locate lost S9 or S9 Plus using Samsung’s Find My Mobile

locate lost S9 or S9 Plus using Samsung's Find My Mobile

  1. First of all, open the Samsung Find My Mobile web page on your computer.
  2. Login to the Samsung Find My Mobile using the account that you also used to sign into the Samsung account on your Galaxy S9 or S9 Plus.
  3. The moment you get logged in, Samsung Find My Mobile will show you a map. If the map is empty, you can click on the Switch Map button to check the last and current location of your phone.
  4. On the right side, you can find the following options:
    1. Ring My Device
    2. Lock My Device
    3. Wipe My Device
  5. First of all, you should try looking at the map and check where your phone is. If the phone is in a known vicinity, you should be able to go there and get it back.
  6. If the phone is lost somewhere around you, you can click on the Ring My Device option to ring the phone louder.
  7. In case the phone is lost somewhere you don’t know, the first step should be to click on the Lock My Device option.
  8. If you completely fail to recover your phone, click on the Wipe My Device option to wipe your phone remotely.

Track and locate lost S9 or S9 Plus using Google’s Android Device Managerlocate lost Galaxy S9 or S9

  1. Just like Find My Mobile, open the Android Device Manager web page on your computer.
  2. Login to the Android Device Manager using the same Google account that you used on your phone.
  3. Android Device Manager will open up showing you a map and also the options to erase and ring your phone.
  4. You can first try looking for your phone on the map. If it’s lost somewhere near your own location, you can ring it up using the ring option.
  5. In case you fail to find your phone, you should immediately erase it.
  6. You can also look at the map and see if the phone was dropped at a place you visited recently. You can go to that place and look for your phone.

I hope you guys find this guide helpful. If you have any query or anything to add to this guide, feel free to contact me using the comments section below.

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