How To Increase Battery Life In Android Using Greenify

Android Smartphones are no doubt the best among modern collections of Mobiles, but there is a problem with them that makes ruins their image in front of users eyes and it is battery life. Android Mobile Phones are not good with battery life, due to such reason Developers are creating Custom ROMs to give a better battery life, but not all custom ROMs has such feature and not everyone wants to install Custom ROMs. There are many Battery Saver available on Google Play Store, but non of them have the option to let you add apps manually to stop them.


Then there is this app, Greenify, it let’s you to set applications to put them into “Hibernation mode”, stopping them from running in Background, thus saving a lot of Battery Life. Unlike any other battery Saver,¬†Greenify won’t let all the Hibernated applications to start running on their own. But you have to make sure that those Applications are not very important for you OS, otherwise your device performance will decrease..

Necessary Requirements:

A Rooted Device

Greenify Normal | Donation Package

How To Use Greenify.

  1. Once you have installed Greenify, Open it from the app drawer.
  2. Tap + on the Bottom Left.
  3. You will see the list of apps there, chosen by Greenify, not a bad place to start.
  4. Choose those apps you want to put in hibernate mode, like Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, Location Services etc.
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