How To Get Twitter, Instagram and Facebook In One App In iOS


Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, all three of them are the default social network sites of Millennials, you might use all of them and also prefer them on each other because of their features and what they offer, how much limits are there, how fast they work when it comes to the uploading media and more. The only problem is that they are not perfect, what I mean to say is that all of them are different in every aspect and from each other. Most of the times, users keeps switching to other Platforms for different tasks, thus loosing time and efforts, almost getting pissed off again and again. Wouldn’t it be an awesome thing if all of these three platforms, comes under a Single app, so you won’t have to face any problem using all three of them at once.


No need to worry, as Hashtack is a free iPhone app that does the job of bringing together all these three apps. It allows you to scroll photos from all three of these Platforms with a Single scroll. You can even add your own stream and all the public posts will be filtered, from all three of the Networks. Without furter ado, let’s how we can set-up to Hashtack.

Set-Up and Use HaskTack:

  • First of all Sign-up using your E-Mail or your Facebook, Twitter Account.
  • If you logged into the app using Facebook account, HaskTack will use iOS 7 integerated Sharing accounts to link your Twitter and Facebook profile there.
  • Log-in to Instagram and let grant Permission for Hasktack to link Instagram with other two platforms.
  • Once you are all set-up, you’ll start seeing the Feeds Populate.

Why Use HaskTack For Streaming Photos?

Hashtack provides superior experience when it comes to browsing photos, just browsing photos. The stock apps has a lot of ads, where Hashtack doesn’t even has single while scrolling, and Twitter app doesn’t have much customization in the feed of Images. Hashtack UI looks like Instagram, so using Instagram on Hashtack won’t do any good, you won’t have any added benefits in it. The option of Commenting is not there for Instagram and Twitter, however, everything will be presented in Facebook, hope to see this functionality in the next update.

How To Share:

The app has a dedicated button called Retack, which is basically the Share button branded for the app. You have the option to share any photo from any Social Network to any other Social Network or E-Mail. Choosing anyone of them will bring the iOS 7 default Sharing Pop-up.

Create a customized Hastag Stream:

Now, if you want to create your own customization feed of Photos, which you can create one Via hastags, the Posts will be Public and the hash in the Hasktack stands for this very purpose. Just bring the Side bar from the left, Create System and Input any Text, Tap Save and you are done.

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