How to Get ‘Ok Google’ Voice Search on Any Screen Easily

‘Ok Google’ has introduced a faster and easier way to search, what you are looking for. It is a voice search method where you use ‘Ok Google’ command and say whatever you want Google to search for you and the information will be with you without even typing a single word. It is able to do various tasks including searching information, getting directions, typing a message or calling a friend.


Previously, when you had to make use of the command ‘Ok Google’ it was possible only from the home screen. This thing was pretty irritating as we could not make much of use of this command if we were some where else except the home screen. This was a major reason which held back the users from opting for this feature.

There is a huge improvement now as Ok Google can be activated from anywhere. For example, you are surfing something on the web or perhaps a news story, you can use your voice command to look for that thing instead of typing.

Well, here is a simple way to get to turn ‘Ok Google’ on from any screen on the mobile device and not just the home screen.

How To Enable Ok Google on Every Screen:

  1. To activate Ok Google, first of all you have to go to your Google app and open settings.
  2. Tap on the Search & Now option and go to Voice. You need to make two changes in here;
  3. First of all, you need to select ‘US English’ as Language as it currently supports only one language.
  4. Secondly, you need to go to the second option just below ‘Language’ option where it says ‘Ok Google Hotword detection’.
  5. Now, you need to check the box which says From Any Screen’. This activates Ok Google to respond to your voice from wherever you want. The good thing is that it works when your screen is on and even if your phone is being charged.
  6. Now that you can use this feature from anywhere and any screen on your phone, I am sure most of you will be willing to give it a try and honestly speaking it is not that bad.

Ok Google can be a little messed up in the beginning but it works well after some time as Google learns your voice and commands. You need to be a little patient with the app and it will soon do wonders for you. Just make sure to keep your phone at arm’s length for best results..

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