How To Fix Problems With Moto G

Moto G is an amazing smartphone and delivers great specs in a reasonable price, but no matter which device you are using, it is sure to cause some problems, it is just that we don’t notice much of them. But there are those who love to explore the whole device and these are the ones who find most of these problems and also share their solutions. Overall, this is not something that a normal user should keep in mind, but these type of tutorials help them is solving such problems that they are facing but have no idea about it. Today we will cover a topic related with some of the problems with Moto G and how to fix them.


As Always Battery Issues:

I don’t know, form the release of Razer MAX most of the Motorola users stopped complaining about the issues with Battery Life. But we are not talking about battery life here, Moto G has some unique type of battery issue, something never seen in any of the Motorola devices. Here you are sitting with your device with 50% battery and boom! all of a sudden your battery level is at 1%, yet your device lives on. However, after a little time your battery level reaches the same level as before, this is called Battery calibration error.

It is quite simple to solve, just let your battery be discharge fully, then recharge it fully while your device is Off and then use it. If it doesn’t solve the problem, repeat the process till you are satisfied.

SIM Not Detected:

Some of the users complained about their Moto G, that it is dropping signals. Here is what happened, you put a SIM card in your device, let’s say after an hour, your Moto G stop showing the signals. Here are some solutions, you might have been using a Nano SIM card adaptor, Moto G supports Micro SIM or you might have a damaged SIM. Try another card, and see if that works.

Camera App Fail To Launch:

After upgrading their device to Android 4.4 Kit-Kat, most of the users have complained about their Camera app failed to launch, the easiest and quickest way to solve this problem is to go to Settings > App Manager and search for the Camera app, tap it and first Force Stop, Clear data and Cache. This solves the issue most of the times, but if the problem still occurs, use a 3rd party camera app.


Reboots and Lockups:

Random Restarts and Frozen Screen is the most searched issue in Moto G, users complained that the screen of their Device freeze time to time and then their device reboots. Sometimes it happens because of 3rd party applications, network issues and some other factors.

Here is a permanent solution to this problem:

Start your device in Safe Mode, Restart your device and once you see the Logo, Press and hold the Home button till you see the Home-Screen.

Then if you know which app is causing the problem, simply uninstall it, but if you have no idea which app is it, then Just go to the Settings > Back-up and Restore > Factory Data Reset.


Problems With Charging:

If your device restarts while charging or it is taking forever to charge fully. If so, then you must have been using a Faulty Charging Cable or should I say USB cable. Never use a Plug which provide less than 500mA and more than 1.5A for Moto G.

Dropped Wi-Fi Connection:

The problem with dropped Wi-Fi connection in any Android device with Android 4.4.2 Kit-Kat is not unique, you will experience it time to time. On Jelly Bean 4.3, this issue was completely resolved, but in Kit-Kat it has arrived again. Here are a couple of things you should do, if you are tired from turning it On and Off again and again.

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Tap the 3 dots on the Top and Choose Advance Settings.
  3. Check the Keep On Wi-Fi During Sleep.


LED Notificaion Not Working:

Well I have experienced this Problem in HTC Sensation, Downloaded a Couple of LED notification apps from Play Store and everything was back in action. In the case of Motorola, it is even easier as they have their own Widget to control LED Notifications. Head over to the Play Store and search for Light Notification Widget. Just Install it and you’ll be able to enable the LED lights again, afterwards even if you delete this app, the LED lights will work as normal.

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