How To Fix Flashing Apple Logo/Endless Bootloop In iPhone

My brother faced such tragedy yesterday, the reason was something else, it was the fault of Hardware, we learned it after we sent it for repairing, but in order to solve it yourself, thinking that it would be a problem with Software, we came across some interesting techniques to solve it, if the problem relates with Software. Since everyone is busy Jailbreaking their device and installing Cydia Tweaks on it and we all know installing some tweaks may lead to an endless Bootloop or in other words, you will see and Apple Logo keeps Flashing.

In this Article, we will share with you some ways to get rid of such problem, but remember if the Fault is related to Hardware, mens some wires are broken or battery is dead, etc. Then it will be a waste of time to follow these methods,take it a repair shop and all will be well for you.


Hard Reboot:

For all the iOS users, one thing that solve most of their problems is a Hard Reboot, Press and Hold the Power + Home Button till you see Apple Logo again, this should get you out of any problem caused by an unresponsive app.

Fix Endless Bootloop Using Volume Up Trick:

If your Jailbroken device is Stuck in an Endless Bootloop, usually caused by a Broken or incompatible Jailbreak Tweak that you have recently installed. In such situation, even Hard Reboot does not solve the problem, since the same Tweak runs again after the boot up. In this situation, when your device is booting up, keep hold on to the Volume Up button and you will see your Lock-Screen and then you can open up Cydia and uninstall the culprit app.

With RedSn0w, Fix Endless Bootloop Error:

If the above method doesn’t work, follow the Video below and Fix the Bootloop problem.

Check Compatibility Before Installing App:

Many Developers are still updating Tweaks for iOS 7, so before installing any Tweak make sure that it is compatible with your device. If you install an Uncompatible device, the boot loop is sure to happen and once again these methods will solve the any Problem with Software, Hardware problem can be solved only by repairing or beating the hell out of the Device

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