How to Fix Samsung Galaxy S5 Battery Life After Lollipop Update


If you recently updated your Samsung Galaxy S5 to Android 5.0 and now you are facing bad battery life, want to fix it ? Here’s how you can Fix Samsung Galaxy S5 Battery Life After Lollipop Update. This is not the first time users are reporting bad battery life after updating their devices, we’ve faced same issue when we got Android KitKat update on Samsung devices.

In the following guide i’ll tell you all possible solution which will help you to get the maximum battery life. There are several factor which cause bad battery life on Samsung Galaxy S5 after updating to Lollipop.

 How to Fix Samsung Galaxy S5 Battery Life After Lollipop Update:

Method #1:

Step#1: Go to settings on your Samsung Galaxy S5.

Step#2: Tap on Battery icon from the System tab.

Step#3: There you’ll see which is using most of the battery. Now either you have to stop that or reinstall it.

Step#4: Go to setting main menu.

Step#5: Tap on Application Manager.

Step#6: Clear the cache and data of the app which is consuming the battery most.

Step#7: Tap on uninstall in order to check.

By some reason you cannot locate the apps which are causing the battery drain, you have to boot your Samsung Galaxy S5 in to safe mod.

Step#1: Turn off your device.

Step#2: press & hold the Power button and volume down key.

Step#3: Once your device is turned on release the power button.

Step#4: When you successfully enter in to safe mode, you’ll see a white text on your bottom screen.

1: Restart your device.

2: Disable all the services.

3: Start using a black paper rather then colorfull.

4: Stop using the third party launcher.

5: Downgrade your Galaxy s5 to Android 4.4.

6: Perform a factory reset on Galaxy S5.

All Done !!!

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