How to Easily track your data usage on Android

Now a days mobile data is used by all because WiFi networks are not every where so all the cellular companies provide the best data plans to their customers. As now a days everything is on the web so on daily basis we use more mobile data, but sometimes we lost track of our mobile data and surprisingly at the end of month we get a larger bill. Today i’ll tell you how to easily track your data usage on Android.

In the latest Android we have built in data usage integration so it will be not difficult to track data usage, but if you cannot find the data usage settings then you use third party apps form Google Play Store.


 How to Easily track your data usage on Android:

Step#1: Open Setting app from your app drawer.

Step#2: Now in the Android 5.0 you’ll find Data Usage icon at the top.

Step#3: Tap on it.

Step#4: Now you’ll see different options, Mobile Data, Set mobile data limit and the apps using mobile data.

Step#5: You’ll also see how much data you have used, you can also set limit so that you won’t use extra mobile data.

Step#6: In Data usage menu you can turn off and turn on mobile data.

Step#7: Use Restrict App backgroud data in order to track which app is using the most.

Step#8: Install Onavo Count  on your mobile and launch it. This is the best app which will help you to easily track your mobile data.

All Done !!.

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