How To Delete Voicemails From iPhone One or Multiple At a Time.

iPhone Voicemail is quite a nifty feature, that you ca actually listen to the message. But each Voicemail gets downloaded to your device first then you can listen to it. For some users, who don’t know about it, they can loose up-to 100MB of storage. And for those who frequently used Voicemail, they really have to be very careful, the download size can become a huge nuisance for them. Fortunately, deleting a Voicemail from iPhone or deleting a lot of Voicemails from iPhone is not a very difficult task and you can easily restore a lot of Phone storage.


How To Quickly Delete a VoiceMail from iPhone.

  • Open the app on iPhone and tap the Voicemail button.
  • Swipe Left to summon the Delete button, then tap on it to delete.


  • You can also choose the delete option after you read the message, but it is not fast enough.

How To Delete Multiple VoiceMails at once.

  • Open VoiceMail portion in the iPhone app.
  • Use Multiple Touch Points to Tap on Multiple Delete Buttons simultaneously, then Tap the Red Buttons to Delete the Mails


  • Deleting Voicemail from the Phone also deletes it from the server, so, only deletes those mails you have listened and and don’t want anymore.

How To Check Voicemail Storage Capacity Usage.

  • Head to the Settings > General > Usage.
  • Find the app Voicemail,a along with it you can see the Storage consumed by it.



  • You can do anything about the Storage from here, but alteast you have the idea how much Storage it is eating.
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