How To Create App Pairs On Galaxy Note 8


Galaxy Note 8 is loaded with some exclusive features. These features on the Note 8 are exciting. For example, there is this App Pairs feature which merges two applications into each other. When you launch the App Pair, it launches two applications in a multi-window instance. You can use both the applications simultaneously and you can even resize the window of each application. Earlier, the users were able to launch another application while using one application. App Pairs are similar to that, but you don’t have to launch one application and another one after that. Now you can create a pair of your most frequently used applications and launch them both at the same time.

Creating App Pairs on the Galaxy Note 8 is extremely easy. I just got my hands on the Galaxy Note 8 and I wanted to check how the App Pairs work. I tried putting two applications together and it created a folder instead. So, it took a minute or two to figure out how I can create App Pairs on the Galaxy Note 8.

Are you also a Galaxy Note 8 owner who hasn’t figured out how to create App Pairs? Well, follow these steps to create App Pairs on Galaxy Note 8 now.

How To Create App Pairs On Galaxy Note 8

  1. On your Galaxy Note 8, pull the edge panel from the right side.
  2. Press the + button appearing in the application placeholder at the bottom of the first application column. If there is no space to add a new application, tap the Settings gear icon > Edit the Apps Edge. 
  3. Now in the application selection window, you will find “Create App Pair” on the top right corner.
  4. Tap the create App Pair option now.
  5. Create App Pair will now show you all the applications that support multi-window.
  6. Select the first application and then select the second application.
  7. After select applications, tap “Done”.
  8. App Pair will be added to the edge panel now.
  9. You can launch the App Pair and use two applications at the same time.
  10. That’s all.