How To Connect Galaxy Gear With Galaxy S4

After the release of Android 4.3, the support of Galaxy Gear was introduced for Galaxy S4, Note 2 and Galaxy S3. Not all of the functions are working, but the necessary and Basci functions are working fine. In the future, almost all the Flagship devices will support Galaxy Gear and may be rather than Samsung Flagship devices, some others from different OEMs might start supporting it too. Well you only need a Galaxy Gear Manager, find the Apk and give it a try, who know it starts working on HTC One M8. But there is one thing that happens for sure, other than Samsung devices, Galaxy Gear will support basic functions only, like Calling and Showing notifications.


If you have a Galaxy Gear and by any chance you have rooted it, then you can try it on different devices. A non-rooted device can only be connected to Samsung devices only, you can even install a Custom ROM on Galaxy Gear to get a little bit more out of this device. For Samsung mentioned devices, Galaxy Gear even takes photos and sync it with the device, Perfect for Spying. Without any further ado, let’s find out how to connect Galaxy Gear with Galaxy S4.

How To Connect Galaxy Gear With Galaxy S4

  1. Open NFC and Bluetooth on your Galaxy S4.
  2. Tap the Back of Galaxy Gear and Galaxy S4
  3. You will see a Screen Promoting to install Galaxy Gear Manager.
  4. Install Galaxy Gear Manager and you are ready to use Galaxy Gear with Galaxy S4.


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