How To Change Siri’s Voice in iOS 7.


I don’t know why Female voices are being put in digital personal assistant or any other recording. It feels kind of awkward hearing a female voice again and again, my personal opinion is that they should put voice of  or  in Siri. Well that is my opinion and if Apple would start listening to us that’d be great, for us that is. But that is none of our concern, the good news is that Apple has finally given the option of changing the Voice Gender of Siri in iOS 7.


Changing the gender of Siri’s voice is only a matter of few seconds and a real easy job to do.

  1. Open the Settings, Tap on General navigate to Siri.
  2. This is everything about Siri, here you can disable Siri, Change it’s default language, point Siri to your Personal information and much more.
  3. Changing it’s voice gender option will only Display Two points to Pick from- Male or Female.

Now you know how to change the Siri’s voice gender, you can come back again to change it again if you don’t like the Male voice. But changing Siri voice will not effect all the languages, so there is a possibility the your chosen language might not be supported by Siri’s voice. Best of Luck!


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