How to Add Wireless Charging to Any Android Devices

Wireless charging is good in many ways you can charge your device while driving, traveling, hotels, trains, planes and more. Bad thing is that not all the devices have this awesome feature, but what if you can add Wireless Charging to Any Android Devices with little bit of cash its worth it. Here’s how you can add wireless charging to any Android device.

In the following guide i’ll tell you how you can add wireless charging to any Android device. There is no rooting method involved all you have to do is buy few products, that will cost you $60-$70.

how add wireless charging to android

How to Add Wireless Charging to Any Android Devices:

Things You Need


Step#1: First check your USB port make sure it working perfectly.

Step#2: Plug in DigiYes micro USB Wireless Charging Receiver Module into your Android device.

Step#3: Now wrap receiver module around the back of your Android device.

Step#4: Before going any further make sure that receiver is fixed on your device back.

Step#5: Use a case to secure the setup.

Step#6: Now all you’ve to do is place your device on Qi enabled wireless charger.

There you go now you can easily charge your Android device wireless, if you face any issue regarding this guide do tell me in comments. I am also adding a video tutorial that will help you all the way !

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