How to Active Multi-Window Concept in Chrome using Tab Rezsize


For all those out there, who wants to open a lot of Tabs in chrome but hate to do it because of the inconvenience, there is a solution for them. There is an extension for Google Chrome called Tab Resize, which allows you to split Tabs into multiple windows, arranged in a number of presets layouts, but particularly useful on large screens.


All you need to do is: Go to Chrome settings and click on extensions, click on “Get More extensions”. Then search for Tab Resize and click the fourth and click Free, wait for the installation to finish. After the installation is over, you will se an arrow at the top right side of Chrome Window, click on it an choose the layout and chrome Tabs will split according to your selection. And if you want to Undo everything, just click on the Tab resize button and select Undo.

Download Link: Tab Resize

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