How to take a screenshot on the LG G3

Capturing the screenshots on the new LG G3 is pretty much simple. If you’ve just got your hands on this device and you’re wondering how you can do so and its taking some time to figure it out, you may read this guide as it explains how you can easily take screenshots on your LG G3. Taking screenshots on the LG G3 is similar to other smartphones, using a button combo or by swiping your hand or fingers across the screen.

Let’s learn both the methods that allow you to take screenshots on your all new LG G3.

Method 1: Using the physical keys

    1. Open the screen on your LG G3 that you want to capture.
    2. Now hold down the volume down and power key at the same time (the middle button and the bottom button on your LG G3’s back). As soon as you press these buttons, you will see the screenshot effect on your G3’s screen.
    3. The screenshot will now appear in your notification bar, you may share it using different applications.
    4. The screenshot is also stored in the “Screenshots” folder in your phone’s gallery.
    5. That’s all.
    6. LG G3 Screenshot

Method 2: Using QMemo

    1. Open the screen that you want to capture on your LG G3.
    2. Now press and hold the home key of your phone (the center key out of the three keys on the bottom of your LG G3) and swipe it into the QMemo+ application, the Q icon.
    3. The QMemo will capture the screen and let you edit it immediately.
    4. Once you’re done, you can save the screenshot.
    5. That’s all.
    6. LG G3 Screenshot2

The G3 comes with a QHD screen, so an image may take up to 4 MBs.

That’s all. We hope that you find this tutorial helpful. Thank you.

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