Here’s How to Change the Keyboard in iOS 8

Since Apple has released iOS 8 and iPhone 6 few days back with iOS 8 come third party apps option. In iOS 8 Apple added a new feature in which you can download a third party keyboard and use it as your default. Finally, Apple is opening doors to developers and frankly its a good sign. Well right at the moment you only have Swiftkey is the only one real to use and today I’ll explain how to change the keyboard in iOS 8.



Here’s How to Change the Keyboard in iOS 8 Guide:

  1. Open App Store on your iPhone.
  2. Search for iOS 8 Keyboard.
  3. Choose SwiftKey for the list.
  4. Now open settings.
  5. Tap on General from the settings.
  6. Now select keyboard.
  7. Tap on Keyboards.
  8. Now tap on Add new keyboard.
  9. Select Swiftkey from the list.
  10. Allow full access to Swiftkey.
  11. Open messaging app.
  12. Tap on the world icon on your current keyboard.
  13. A pop-up will appear choose Swiftkey.
  14. All done when ever you want to type Swiftkey will appear as a default keyboard.

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