Gyro APK v2.01


While finding something new on the Google Play Store to have fun on my phone, I came across an amazing and simply addictive game with a completely different and awesome concept. Gyro, as the name suggests, is a minimalist game consisting of a circle at the center, that you got to rotate and match with the incoming colors. The circle sports a combination of three different colors, there are small balls coming from all the sides matching with the colors, matching the right color will earn you points, and matching the wrong colors will result in taking your game to an end.Gyro

What’s even more cool about Gyro is, the game’s graphics are way too cool and are not eye-distractive. As your game move forwards, it gets even more faster and the incoming balls are thrown in a massive number at a high speed, in short, it becomes quite challenging. After listening all this about Gyro, I’m sure that many of you would surely like to play this game, so, to make the search easier, we’ve linked in the APK file of Gyro v2.01 right here at the bottom of this post. All you got to do is, go ahead download the APK and follow the instructions to get it running on your Android device, but let’s first have a look on the game’s feature and description by the developer.


– Beautifully simple controls and design
– Incredibly addictive arcade gameplay
– Gazillions of points to collect
– Arcade, Time Attack, Hardcore and Challenges game modes
– Unlockable color sets and 8-bit sound set
– Swarm-supported online leaderboards (optional)

How to download & Install Gyro v2.01 with APK:

  1. Download Gyro v2.01 APK file.
  2. Copy the downloaded APK file to your phone or download it directly to your phone.
  3. Now locate the downloaded / copied APK file on your phone and tap it.
  4. Proceed with the installation, select “Package Installer” if prompted.
  5. Allow Unknown Sources if required, it should be in Settings > Security > Unknown Sources > Tick it.
  6. Proceed and complete the APK’s installation.
  7. Once done, access the installed game from the app drawer.
  8. Play the challenging game and have fun.
  9. Enjoy!
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