Guide to Install Android Apps [APKs] On BlackBerry 10 Smartphones


In this great warfare of Apple’s iOS devices and Google’s Android powered Samsung’s Galaxies, HTC, Sony’s Xperias and others, BlackBerry is still the best choice among a number of users, specially those running businesses are die hard fans of BlackBerry’s services. In the recent past, BlackBerry’s charts have been going down and to give a lift to it’s drowning ship BlackBerry brought it’s most precious app BlackBerry Messenger for Android and IOS users. BlackBerry 10 series hasn’t been able to earn BlackBerry much respect and maybe that’s the only reason pumping up BlackBerry to move towards something new and add some cream on it’s dull cake to make it light.

With the latest BlackBerry OS update [10.2.1] BlackBerry has added the ability to install Android’s APK files in it’s OS. Just in case some of you are not familiar, APK stands for Application Package File and is exactly same as that of .exe files for windows. This refers to setup files basically, that means APK files have the setup of Android Applications packed inside. This sounds quite awesome right? Well, this may win BlackBerry some cool reviews as well and add charm to it’s OS. BlackBerry 10 powered devices include Z10, Z30, Q10 & Q5.

What’s the big deal here is, BlackBerry 10 powered devices will be able to run all of the most viral and popular apps that have just brightened the name of Android. Although there will be no play store and as the title suggests, you will have to install Android Applications on your BlackBerry 10 device using APK file of your desired application.

You may be wondering how you can get an APK file and how you will be able to install it, well we will definitely get you through the procedure and end up having your desired apps installed on your phone. Let’s go ahead.

How to find an APK file of your desired app:

In this case a little googling can be the life savior. You simply need to find for an APK file using your desired apps’ name followed by .apk extension at it’s end. For example you need to find the APK file for Flappy Bird, you will simply type “Flappy Bird.apk or Flappy Bird apk” in Google search and it will immediately show you the working links you can select from. Although this works fine but we recommend using our guide that can help you to download APK files straight to your PC and you can then copy the APK files to your BlackBerry phone.

How to Install APK file on your BB 10 device:

      • Copy the downloaded APK file to the storage of your BlackBerry device.
      • Locate the copied file on your BB device and tap / open it.
      • In case you’re unable to locate the file, use your phone’s search option to do so.
      • Once tapped, the APK file will begin the installation. Hold on while it completes.
      • Once the installation is finished, close the opened window / file manager and get back to the homescreen.
      • Navigate through the BlackBerry App Menu and locate the application you installed now.
      • Open the application and run it.
      • It will run exactly as it runs on any Android device.
      • Phewww! That’s all with the installation!



Although the update by BlackBerry officially allows the installation of Android applications on BB 10 powered devices, but it maybe kept in mind that BB 10 devices are not the Android devices to the core. Do not expect all the apps to work properly, you may face some apps crashing down because of smartphone compatibility.

That’s all. In case you got any queries or you face any difficulties regarding this post, please feel free to stop by the comment box below and drop us your words. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks all.