Google Pixel 2 owners cannot seem to unlock their bootloaders

Here is another problem that has started to get recognized by Google’s Pixel 2 owners. This will also include the Pixel 2 XL and if you have purchased any of the two handsets from the Google Play Store, it has been reported that users are unable to unlock the bootloaders of their devices.

Google Pixel 2 owners cannot seem to unlock their bootloaders

XDA Developers forum post has provided details of a user that has reported the same problem.

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“I’ve recently ordered an Unlocked Pixel 2 from the Google store, but under Developer Options, “OEM unlocking” is greyed out and i can’t change it. Did Google run out of Google versions and sold me an Unlocked Verizon phone?

CID Checker shows:

[ro.boot.cid] : 00000000

[ro.bootloader] : mw8998-002.0059.00”

In addition to this, several other users have complained that they were unable to unlock the bootloaders of their new devices because let us face it, bootloaders are supposed to remain unlocked by default, hence the complains are flowing with such intensity.

According to more insights, it has been found out that the issue seems to be converging towards the Pixel 2, which was exclusively manufactured by HTC. Thanks to the bootloaders being locked, nearly all users who have found out about this little hurdle have demanded an RMA. If you’re a regular Pixel 2 user who has absolutely no issue enjoying the smooth stock Android OS, the problem generally lies with people who love to engage in experimenting.

Developers and testers alike are known to enjoy purchasing handsets that come with unlocked bootloaders so that they have all sorts of opportunities in meddling with their devices.

Unfortunately, this is not going to be the case and they might be actively pursuing a return of their mobile phones. Google has yet to comment on why such a thing remained locked.


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