Get iOS 7.1 Touch ID & Passcode Option in iOS 7.0 – 7.0.6 – How To


Jailbreaking an iOS device is not a huge task but releasing the Jailbreaking process for the newest version of iOS is quite a different thing. Those who can’t live without a Jailbroken device are stuck on iOS 7.0.x until the exploit released for iOS 7.1, which includes some new features that are demandable. If it would have been an Android device than rooting process would already have been released for the device and the OS or a Custom ROM based on the latest version would have been released for all the previous devices, but since it is Apple Waiting is quite the thing used do the most and in the end they embrace the Anger and disappointment too.


iOS 7.1 has arrived with the default Touch ID & Passcode Option, something that was under discussion after the released of iPhone 5s. Apple is clearly of the opinion that accessing and controlling these vital security options is the best option if given by the authority itself and, therefore, moved the option to the native app settings.

To Install this Touch ID & Passcode on your iOS 7.0.x device, following are the Requirements:

  • A Jailbroken Device, Visit our Jailbreak Section To Find out how.
  • A File manger to access iOS files System, like iFile, CyberDuck, iFunBox etc.
  • The effect will not be much, because it will be more suitable on the Original OS version


  1. Before messing with Files System, it is always a good practice to create some important Back-ups. Using iFile, just copy the Files which are to be changed to any other directory or to your PC. In our case just copy the Settings.plist and[email protected] files found in the following location: /Applications/
  2. After making back-up of these files, Download the Customize Files and unzip them.
  3. Now using iFiles once again, copy the unzipped files to the following directory: /Applications/
  4. It might not be the most amazing and excited customization that you have ever done, but it is a good thing for all those who feels like that they are being left behind by iOS 7.1

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