Gallery Doctor, Delete Unnecessary Photos from your Android

There comes a time in every Android user life, when he wants to delete a lot of unwanted media, which mostly includes photos, since no one download much videos on mobiles, so the main subject left behind are the Pictures only, most of the times you have duplicate pictures, taking a lot of your precious memory, since latest cameras resolution and quality makes the picture size reach up-to 3-4mb, having to many of duplicate pictures can take a lot of space and the worst case scenario, having hundreds of them can cause a lot of trouble in removing them too, which is why we need something that can remove all the unnecessary pictures at once.

While on the other hand, digital age has made picture taking so easily and burst frame rate type of applications have ruined a lot of things, we don’t care while using such high frame rate applications, but then comes a time when we have to make sure that the Gallery looks empty or at-least clean.¬†Gallery Doctor is an app that does the job for us, you don’t have to do a single thing, it will analyse all your pictures, depending on the size of memory they take, it will either take time or not, so let it be run in Background, once done you’ll be notified. In this article, we will show you how to use¬†Gallery Doctor application to remove unnecessary pictures from your Mobile, without further ado let us continue.

Gallery Doctor, Delete Unnecessary Photos from your Android

How to Use Gallery Doctor App:


  1. Download and Install the app from Play Store.
  2. Once done, let it analyse the whole Gallery.
  3. It will take time, be patient.
  4. Now you’ll see three options or recommendations.
  5. The first one show the Duplicate or similar photos, cause of the Burst shots.
  6. Second one show the poor result photos taken in Poor light.
  7. Third one is completely manual, letting you choose which one to keep or delete.
  8. Tap the Review and Clean button on any of three recommendations and watch the Magic happen.
  9. Every option has its benefits, so make sure to choose the right one.
  10. Enjoy!

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