Fix Galaxy S8 Fast Charging Issues

Samsung is achieving milestones, one after another. Recently, the new star from the South Korean giant came out labeled as the Galaxy S8. Samsung released a bigger variant as well named as Galaxy S8 Plus alongside the original Galaxy S8. Samsung has managed to impress masses with the help of these devices. These devices follow a new design language. Samsung has managed to make solid devices. The Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus do not easily get cracked when drooled here and there.

Samsung introduced the fast charging feature a few years ago in its Galaxy lineup. The fast charging feature enables a smartphone to get charged quickly. Fast charging cuts the charging time by almost half as compared to the normal charging. Fast charging feature kept improving as the time passed on. It takes almost 90 minutes to charge a Galaxy S8 from 0 to 100% with the help of this feature. The phone would take 2.5 to 4 hours otherwise.

I got my hands on the Galaxy S8 right after it hit my country. It was running all fine and well unless I decided to start messing up with my smartphone. My phone’s fast charging feature stopped working properly. The phone showed a “Fast charging” notification when the charger plugged in, however, it didn’t really charge it fast. Instead of taking 90 or 100 minutes to fully charge the phone from 0 to 100, it took like 2 or 3 hours to charge the phone which is its normal charging time. At this point, the Fast charging feature was none of use. It took a while for me to realize that something was wrong. I tried a slew of solutions to fix the solution. Not so many solutions worked at first, but after playing with the device for almost a day, I finally fixed it.

So, if you’re carrying a Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus, and it’s Fast charging mode isn’t working properly, then here’s a guide for you. You can now fix Galaxy S8 Fast charging issues.

Before going ahead, make sure that Fast cable charging mode is enabled on your phone. To do this, go to your phone’s settings > Device Maintenance > Battery >¬†Advanced Settings > Fast cable charging.

Fix Galaxy S8 Fast Charging Issues

Galaxy S8 Fast Charging Issues – Solution# 1: Restart the phone

First off, you can simply try restarting your phone. Restarting your phone will restart all the process in it. It might kill a process that is hindering your device’s Fast charging speed. This is your solution to go with without having anything else touched.

Galaxy S8 Fast Charging Issues – Solution# 2: Clear Cache

The second safe option you can go with is to clear the cache of your phone. To clear the cache, follow these steps.

  1. Power down your phone completely.
  2. Now press and hold Bixby + Volume Up + Power key to boot into recovery mode. Release the keys as soon as your phone boots up.
  3. As your phone goes into the recovery, press Volume Up/Down to navigate to Clear cache partition option.
  4. After selecting the cache partition option, press the Power key to execute this option.
  5. Once done, reboot your phone and connect the charger once again.

Galaxy S8 Fast Charging Issues – Solution# 3: Clean the charging port of your phone

There are fair chances that it is the charging port of your smartphone that is being the culprit. It’s really easy to get this sorted out. Take a tooth brush or any other brush of the same kind. Gently clean the charging port of your Galaxy S8 and plug in the USB Type-C cable afterward.

Galaxy S8 Fast Charging Issues – Solution# 4: Use OEM data cable

Make sure that you are using an original or close to original data cable to establish a connection between your S8 and your charger. If you are using an aftermarket cable, there is a great possibility that this cable isn’t letting your phone get Fast charged. Here’s what an OEM USB Type-C cable of the Galaxy S8 should look like.

Galaxy S8 Fast Charging Issues – Solution# 5: Use original Fast charger

An original Fast charger has a Fast Charging stamp on it. Samsung ships the smartphone with an original Fast charger and the OEM data cable as well. If you are using a charger that doesn’t support Fast charging, it’s not going to charge your phone fine. To Fast charge your phone, your charger must have this capability. Here’s what an original Fast charger should look like.

Galaxy S8 Fast Charging Issues – Solution# 6: Clear Dalvik Cache if Rooted

Rooted your phone? Get into the TWRP recovery and clear its cache. You already know how to do it since rooting is for power users.

Galaxy S8 Fast Charging Issues – Solution# 7: Calibrate battery if Rooted

Calibrate your phone’s battery if you have rooted it. Here’s a comprehensive guide on How to calibrate battery on Android.

Galaxy S8 Fast Charging Issues – Solution# 8: Factory Reset your Galaxy S8

I’ve put this method at the 8th spot because resetting your phone is not a very great option to go with. While resetting your phone, you will loose all the data including contacts, call logs, SMS messages and media. What you can do is, create a backup of everything from your phone and copy it to your computer. Once you have saved everything, you can go ahead to factory reset your Samsung Galaxy S8.

Galaxy S8 Fast Charging Issues – Solution# 9: Flash a stock firmware (This one worked for me)

Since I mentioned that my phone started acting weird after I rooted it, none of the solutions listed above worked for me. It doesn’t mean that the solutions listed above won’t work for you. A solution completely depends on what kind of issue your device has encountered. In my case, I completely tweaked the entire firmware of the phone which caused the problem. I had to reinstall the whole firmware from scratch which unrooted the phone and restore everything back to factory settings. After flashing a stock firmware on my Galaxy S8, it has been working great again. Here’s a guide on How to flash stock firmware on Galaxy S8.


That’s all with the solutions. If you think that I’ve missed something, please drop that in the comments section. If one of the solutions listed above has worked for you, don’t forget to drop the feedback.

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