Galaxy J2 Pro 2018 isn’t getting the pretty hardware treatment as these specs reveal

Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy J2 Pro 2018 was earlier expected to feature a regular smartphone design but with better hardware than the buyer would have hoped. In this way, they would receive a device which would offer decent specifications but at a lower price compromise than they would have liked.

Galaxy J2 Pro 2018

Unfortunately, this is not going to be possible because the leaked Geekbench scores have a different story to tell. Featuring the model number Samsung SM-J250F, the phone is running Android 7.1.1 but you’ll have to wait a while before it is running Android Oreo. Samsung will always bring the software update to the flagship models first followed by the lesser models later so there is no telling when you will be getting this update.

As for the specifications, the Galaxy J2 Pro 2018 version will be running a Snapdragon 430. The chipset is not a performance monster by any means but is intended to be present in entry-level phones like the one we’re talking about right now.

The phone will have a total of four ARM Cortex-A53 cores running at a speed of 1.4GHz. This will be enough to run basic tasks such as regular applications and you will be able to run YouTube and perform a mild number of operations at the same time.

However, you should still be careful, because the Galaxy J2 Pro only features 1.5GB of RAM which if overused will cause the applications to close abruptly. There is also no bezel-less display to be expected from the phone. This will increase the price of the phone unnecessarily and Samsung surely does not want that because it wants to target this phone towards the entry-level market.

As an entry-level phone, its hardware is quite decent but if you’re going to be matching it with the upper class of mobile phones, then the Galaxy J2 Pro will be fighting a losing battle.

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