Galaxy A8+ (2018) will be sold in three models, the highest one getting 6GB RAM


The Galaxy A8+ (2018) could be unveiled at the CES 2018 trade show, a platform which starts as soon as the new year starts. With the specifications of the Galaxy A8+ (2018) seemingly confirmed, it looks like Samsung is planning to go all out with the hardware and make this mid-range feature the best of the best internals.

Galaxy A8+ (2018) will be sold in three models, the highest one getting 6GB RAM

It will still not feature an Exynos 8895 or Snapdragon 835, but it will get an Exynos-branded SoC. As for the different storage and RAM models, those details are listed below.

  • First variant: 4GB RAM with 32GB storage
  • Second variant: 4GB RAM with 64GB storage
  • Third variant: 6GB RAM with 64GB storage

Samsung has not said where it plans to unveil all variants, but the 6GB RAM + 64GB storage version will most likely be sold in Asia and Korea. With more RAM, you will be able to open up multiple applications in succession and thanks to this RAM upgrade, these applications will continue to run in the background.

If a smartphone has less memory, and after the application has been minimized and after you decide to check up on the app, you will find that it would have been restarted. Now this same scenario will not be experienced with a smartphone that touts more RAM. You will be able to continue running the app from the exact same point where you closed it, and that is always advantageous in everybody’s books.

It is very unlikely that the Galaxy A8+ (2018) will come with wireless charging support but you’ll still get the Infinity Display that was a possible contributor to the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ sales.

So how much will the Galaxy A8+ (2018) cost you? That is something that Samsung has yet to announce, but CES 2018 is not long from this date so you’ll eventually find out.