Fix Your Nexus 5 Storage, From 16GB to 32GB.

Installing the Stock/Factory Image on your Android device is one of the best facilities of owning an Android device. If you are one of those who can’t just stay on the same thing, but keep trying new and new things on their Android devices to Explore the Android world to its limits, then there might be a time when you actually have to install the Factory Image on your device, because some Custom Mod has ruined the Fun and your device is not working fine.


In case of Nexus 5, there are users who claimed that after Flashing the Stock Image again on their device, because the start having problems in Custom Mods they have installed on their device. But after Flashing the Factory Image, they soon realised that their 32GB Nexus 5 is only Showing 14GB of Storage as users free. That problem occurs a lot of time when you tired to Flash the Factory Image but forget some extra parts.

Today we will tell you how to Fix this Storage Error. So, your Nexus 5 can again start showing you 32GB Storage instead of 14/16GB Storage. If you have encountered the Same problem after Flashing the Stock Image, below you will find how to Fix It.


The methods involved in flashing custom roms and rooting your phone is highly custom and may result in bricking your device,and has nothing to do with Google or the device manufacturers which is LG in our case. In case of any mishap we may not be held responsible. Follow these instructions to the letter to avoid any mishap or bricking. Make sure that whatever you do, you are doing it at your own responsibility.

Downloads and Requirements:

Download the Factory Image of Nexus 5

Set-Up Android SDK

Enable USB Debugging Mode.

Install Google USB Drivers

Method 1: Via Stock Recovery.

Boot Into Recovery Mode of Nexus 5. Turn Off the Device, Then Press the Power + Volume Down Button, Now you are in Bootloader mode. Select Recovery Using Volume Keys, When you see the Android Robot, Press and Hold Volume Up + Power Button To get into Stock Recovery Mode. You might need to try 3-4 time to get into Recovery Mode.


  • In Recovery, Select Wipe Cache Partition.
  • The Scroll to Wipe Data/Factory Reset and Select it.
  • Then Finally Select Reboot System Now.
  • Now After a Successful Reboot, Go to Settings > Storage to see how much Storage it is Showing.


Method 2: Re-flash The Factory Image.

  • First make sure that Android SDK is installed on PC. Also installed Latest Google USB Drivers.


  • Now Unzip the Downloaded Factory Image file with .tgz extension. If you can’t see the files with .tgz extension, change the File extension from .tar to .tgz.
  • Open the Extracted Folder, there is another Zip file in it, extract it too.
  • Now Copy all the Contents to C:/Program Files/Android/sdk.


  • Turn Off your device and Press and Hold Power + Volume Down buttons until it Opens up in Bootloader mode.
  • Connect your device with PC.
  • Now Open Platform-Tools folder, where you have copied the Factory Images and Open Command Prompt there.How? Hold Shift Key and Right Click anywhere in the Folder.
  • It is time to Perform the Flashing Process, Type in the Following Commands one-by-one, each to finish before putting the next one. On Mac, you should add ./ at the start of every command i.e ./fastboot flash boot boot.img

fastboot erase boot

fastboot erase cache

fastboot erase recovery

fastboot erase system

fastboot erase userdata

fastboot flash bootloader bootloader-hammerhead-hhz11k.img

fastboot reboot-bootloader

fastboot flash radio radio-hammerhead-m8974a- f

astboot reboot-bootloader

fastboot flash system system.img

fastboot flash userdata userdata.img

When all is done Reboot Your Nexus 5, After a Successful Reboot, Go to Settings > Storage to see how much Storage it is Showing.

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