Fix PlayBox HD not Working – Ultimate Guide – All Errors.

The best solutions to Fix PlayBox HD not Working. PlayBox HD is a free online media streaming app which lets you Watch Movies, TV shows and much more online for free. Now this App has got pretty much heat because of the error peoples are facing. I have round-up all the main issues I have read about and today I’ll tell you how you can fix them all, I’ll be addressing all the issues separately.

PlayBox HD not Working

Fix PlayBox HD not Working:

Following are the list of all the issues that you can face while using PlayBox HD:

  • Sorry There Was an Error Encountered While Loading This Movie.
  • PlayBox HD Crashing/Not Opening/We Can’t get this Link to Play.
  • Playbox Hd Can’t Get Stream.

Fix Sorry There Was an Error Encountered While Loading This Movie: PlayBox HD Error:

  • Open PlayBox HD on your device, it doesn’t matter if you are using it on Android, iOS or PC.
  • Tap on Settings -> General Settings -> Date and Time.
  • By default, your automatic time and date settings are selected, set it on manual.
  • Now set your date to exact [01-01-2015].
  • Close your PlayBox HD app and open it again.

Now you won’t be seeing “Sorry There Was an Error Encountered While Loading This Movie on PlayBox HD”.

Fix We Can’t get this Link to Play Error on PlayBox HD:

This is the error I have seen many times and quite frankly I used to delete the app and re-install. This was the only solution that was working but not anymore, so I searched for few hours and tried the few methods. The one method did work for, you can try it by following the steps below.

  • First, Put your device in Airplane mode. Close the PlayBox HD apps from recent apps.
  • Now launch PlayBox HD and Tap on General Settings-> 3G Services -> Turn of Wi-Fi“.
  • Again close PlayBox HD app and Turn off Airplane Mode. 
  • Open the app and head over to settings and Turn on WiFi services.

Enjoy the free online movies on PlayBox HD app again without We Can’t get this Link to Play.

Fix Playbox Hd Can’t Get Stream Error on PlayBox HD:

PlayBox HD app plays all the movies in HD format by default and sometimes the movie you demanded in not available in default selected format, that is the reason you face such issue. Follow the instruction to fix this issue.

  • Open PlayBox HD, Tap on the movie you want to see.
  • Once it is loaded and you’ll see a pop-up saying ” Movie Loading Problem “.
  • Tap on Ok and don’t leave the current screen. On the bottom right side of the video player, you’ll see a button “ 720p“. Tap on it and lower the video quality.

There you go your movie will load and you won’t be facing PlayBox HD Can’t get Stream.

That will be all, I’ll be back with a new app and will help you fix all the issues you are facing while using that app. Please Share this post with social media.

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